The Sweden of progressives’ dreams, including the Pope’s, is being murdered by reality.

You know, the peaceful sexpot welfare paradise? And, it turns out, progressives care only about the illusion.

From Katie Kieffer at Townhall:

Less than 13 days after President Trump accused Sweden of having an immigration problem—Scandinavia proved him right by announcing two prickly public policies: paid “sex breaks” for public workers and drafting female soldiers.

Swedish councilman Per-Erik Muskos announced plans to offer his municipality’s public workers a paid 60-minute weekly break to hurry home and procreate as a way to jump-start Sweden’s dwindling birthrate and dying culture. The next week, the Swedish government announced plans to draft some 4,000 18-year-olds every year, including young women, in response to a what is being reported as a “deteriorating security environment.”

Possibly a joke?

Why not enforce the law against rapists instead?

Stockholm police spokesperson Varg Gyllander admitted to The Guardian that police “are afraid of talking” due to political pressures. And Sweden’s National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson requested 4,100 additional officers and staffers to handle migrant-related episodes.

Never talking about serious problems is a great way of dealing with them. Outlawing discussion is even better.

“The Pope specifically praised Sweden for welcoming and integrating foreigners,” The National Catholic Reporter wrote last month. In an interview with Scarp de Tenis magazine, Pope Francis emphasized: “Those who arrive in Europe are escaping war and famine. We are in some way responsible because we exploit their land but we don’t make any kind of investment for which they can benefit.” More.

Reality check:  “… we exploit their land but we don’t make any kind of investment for which they can benefit”: Putting violent criminals down slam for a long time would benefit them – and everyone else too. (People are less likely to support capital punishment if they are not forced to put up with the guy and the rest of us like safety and security.)

Good thing few Swedes are Catholics. Bad thing Sweden isn’t Texas.

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