Russia’s interference in U.S., European elections could be “act of war”: NATO commander

General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, has said that Russian cyberattacks on NATO member states could be deemed an act of war and trigger the principle of the military alliance’s collective defense. Bradshaw said reports of Russian interference in American and European elections and Russian international disinformation campaign could lead alliance leaders to broaden the definition of an “attack.” European intelligence agencies have said that Russia’s successful interference in the U.S. 2016 presidential election has emboldened Moscow to replicated in Europe the methods it used in the U.S. There is already evidence that Russia has launched a hacking and disinformation campaign aiming to help far-right, ethno-nationalist, and populist politicians win the coming elections in France, the Netherlands, and Germany.

  • jayme

    Then invade, you stupid, irrelevant organization: see where that gets you.

  • Elites simply refuse to recognize that it is the citizenry through the Democratic system, that is effecting change around the world. This NATO commander has abandoned Democracy and freedom, as has everyone on the fascist Progressive Left. Citizens exercising their free vote is now viewed as “Russian interference” by the totalitarian Left globalists.

  • mobuyus

    Nancy pelosi says the hacking of dnc computers is an act of war. So go to war with Russia to defend the honour of hillary/huma and the muslim brotherhood. It doesn’t make sense.

  • simus1

    The usual suspects have got their orders:
    Get up on their hind legs and howl at the moon.
    At least in this particular case.

  • BillyHW

    So sick and tired of all this Russia bullshit.

    Just a distraction from John Podesta and the gang’s sexual perversions.

  • Maggat

    Someone should take the ‘good General Bradshaw’ out behind the barn and give him a good slapping around. A shit head if there ever was one.

  • canminuteman

    Sounds like bullshit to me. And besides that, if they are helping ethnic nationalists get elected, they are not the enemy. That would make them an ally to me.

  • Millie_Woods

    The 1940’s called, they want their ‘Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe’ back.

  • Reader

    Does that mean that Israel could send drones against Obama and the State Department officials for providing US tax payer money to try to interfere in their elections and try to defeat Netanyahu?

    • Jay Harper

      Sounds reasonable to me. It at least has the virtue of being true.

  • Jay Harper

    They’re willing to go to war to protect the fiction of the election being ‘hacked.’ They never stop providing reasons why they were removed from power.

  • Kellman Amos

    There is no proof of Russian interference in US elections. There is plenty of proof that US Democrats are responsible for massive election fraud.