Don’t Play By The Elitists Rules

In politics, whoever controls the context of a debate wins the debate. They set the rules of the game. For far too long, the elitists who control, and benefit from the power of government, have controlled the context of our political debate, and as a result, have entrenched their own power at our expense.

  • tom_billesley

    What has the elite in store for the hoi polloi in later life? Social care by muslims.

    Brothers Amjad and Amer Latif have been fined for running a dangerous and filthy care home where elderly residents were left without a shower or bath for a month.

    Horrified inspectors gagged at the overpowering stench when they visited the home, which charged a minimum of £1,000 per month to care for each of its 43 residents.
    An investigation found some of the home’s staff had criminal convictions related to looking after vulnerable residents while elderly people were left without a wash for at least four weeks despite being incontinent.
    The brothers admitted at an earlier hearing failing to notify authorities about the deaths of 10 residents at the home, failing to inform the CQC of three serious incidents, failing to provide safe care and exposing residents to “significant” risk and harm.

    This is the same Amjad Latif, secretary at Altrincham Islamic Centre

    • Tooth&Claw

      You see them working in health care already. They move slowly, they do the bare minimum. They wear the same hijab, so that you wonder if they are washed at any time. They insist on covering up entirely to the wrists, even though that’s against the dress/infection prevention code.

  • People voted for this.

    When a snowboard instructor who inherited his money says that he will run three periods of debt and one STILL votes for him, then one is a special kind of stupid.