Wynne’s carbon crap shoot

Ontario’s premier is gambling her government can make billions of dollars from a stock market that keeps crashing

“…The problem now confronting Wynne is that in three of the last four quarterly auctions under the California/Quebec cap and trade carbon pricing scheme, only a fraction of the available carbon permits have been bought by industrial greenhouse gas emitters.

Since the sale of these permits is how governments make money from cap and trade, it means their anticipated revenues from carbon pricing have been repeatedly slashed by hundreds of millions of dollars, throwing the future of their green energy programs into doubt.”

  • ontario john

    Rumor has it, that her next scheme is to withdraw millions from the treasury and go to Casino Rama. The Toronto Star will praise this as a brave new effort.

  • simus1

    GLLKDW could try giving back her non earned earnings to a worthy cause and just mug people when she needs cash for something. That would be an improvement.

  • tom_billesley

    What’s the problem? Tax dollars will fill the breach.

  • canminuteman

    They’ll just make up the lost revenue by jacking up fuel taxes.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Stock market = Casino.
    She’s not the house, Ontario will lose it’s ass.

    • Waffle

      But the Bay Street whores are making out like bandits. Next x-div. date for Hydro shares is this coming Friday (March 10) — watch the action — yield is 3.56%.

  • Gary

    Toronto wanted to get the Olympics back in 1961 and wanted to have an Olympic type pool as a start. But it was over-budget on behind schedule where the opening in 1963 went from June to September . It was an outdoor Pool and was Named after the Mayor Donald D Summerville that die that year after only 11 months and 19 days in power which was 3 days before JFK was shot.
    The pool was just another mess at City Hall and even the Gardiner and TTC subway plans in the late 1960’s has been kicked down the road with endless Studies and claims of costing too much . It’s like the homes in my area of Toronto where people thought that $320,000.00 was too high and they waited for them to come down , they said that at $400,000.00 , $700,000.00 and now $1,500,000.00 .

    Liberals , or those with no foresight , are know for squandering millions and billions on useless things and yet get obsessed with $1000.00 items for Health Care or Motor Vehicles.
    They talk about how lowering fees or Taxes will affect a drop in their revenues. But the 2 big lies in that statement are that the taxes are NOT their money as a Revenue but the public agreeing the pay into the collection of money for the Socials good to get Services. Liberals are now acting like it’s THEIR money as the natural Governing Party where the Laws don’t apply to them for Election fraud the theft of tax dollars .
    Wynne needs to be forced to Run in 2018 on her stance for Illegals getting Welfare and FREE Health care plus Housing as well as FREE schooling for their children. We have a homeless crisis in Toronto for mentally ill people plus a rising debt out of control that is now like a Ponze Scheme to buy off Public employees and Teacher to rig the Election and assure close to 1,400,000 votes on top of the Welfare Industrial Complex. .