Top honours for Australian euthanasia comedy

From ABC:

The film, which stars Day and well-known Australian actors Peter O’Brien and Harriet Dyer, centres on a family assisting their mother who wishes to be euthanased, but it transpires they have ulterior motives to sell her house. More.

Oh, surely not. In other news, Euthanasia and Alzheimer’s: Canada takes a step in the wrong direction:

The euthanasia machine has once again become activated, following the “compassionate” murder of a woman with advanced stage Alzheimer’s. Although the details are not yet known, it appears that her exhausted spouse may have “cracked”. The despair into which this poor man plunged demonstrates well the harsh reality that caregivers can endure when providing for a relative with Alzheimer’s disease.

However, instead of questioning the support offered to the sick and their loved ones, the debate was immediately channeled towards euthanasia, conveniently called “medical aid in dying”.

Thus, while the first year of euthanasia has just ended – with 21 cases of abuse which will not lead to any disciplinary action – supporters of euthanasia are crying out for an expansion of the law which they denounce as cruel because it is too restrictive. They hope that the justice system – which today accuses this man of murder – will revise its position so that in the future a doctor can perform the same act with impunity.

Reality check:  If you did not hear about anything like this from any traditional mainstream medium (or you did, but it was explained away), always remember, We’re all “the fetus” now.  We need to excise from our lives government-supported, celeb-approved media and “conservative” political parties who dole out their supporters in pieces to the progressive machine, instead of processing them wholesale.

Also: Under present logic, shouldn’t there be a law against suggesting an ulterior motive to the euthanasia kinfolk, akin to new French laws against showing unborn children and people with Down syndrome as if they were human beings?

In the burgeoning anti-hate crime industry, expect proposals for laws against abortion-phobia and euthanasia-phobia down the road.

See also: Quebec, maybe Canada, to falsify euthanasia death certificates
The right, once clarified and entrenched, to falsify a death certificate when someone is killed will doubtless prove very convenient in days to come.