Target, champion of “gender-free” washrooms, in big financial doo-doo

From AP:

Target, stung by the mass migration by its customers online and elsewhere, said its profit plummeted 43 percent during the most recent quarter as sales at its stores weakened. The coming year doesn’t look much better: Its outlook for the first quarter and all of 2017 were far below what industry analysts had been expecting.

All traditional retailers have struggled as and other online retailers draw shoppers away, but Target has been unable to keep pace with Wal-Mart Stores Inc., which posted another quarter of higher customer traffic and same-store sales. At a meeting with analysts Tuesday, Target CEO Brian Cornell said he hasn’t seen as many troubled retailers since the recession nearly a decade ago. More.

Reality check: Should there be a law against telling people that companies that front this stuff voluntarily could find themselves with an unofficial customer rebellion? What kind of hate crime shall we call it?

Retailers should not be allowed to know that they ought not go to war against their customer base.

Of course, laws can always be passed forcing it on the companies and retailers can discreetly refuse to fight… Then what?

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