• What morons. They know not what they do.

    • huron

      They go down with a stunned look on their faces like the drunk loud mouth at the bar.

      • Complete idiots, paying respect to their soon to be assassins.

        Got to be liberals.

  • huron

    They always outdo themselves

    • Allah is no doubt statistically the most bloodthirsty idol ever concocted by man. It is even worse than the Mexican human-sacrifice rites that used to kill 10’000 people a year. To bow to this idol is criminal.

      • huron


      • Shebel

        I respect ,I think, all Religions— except Islam.
        Everything about it seems so contrived , controlling and appeals to the most BASE instincts of mankind. Even their Heaven is SICK.
        There is NO God in Islam.

        Hey ! If you are a sick, depraved mutherfucker — and you want to save your Soul— and never change— join Islam.
        It is the fastest growing Religion in the World.
        You are ALL going to Hell.

        • Clausewitz

          That’s the difference between a religion and a cult.

      • BillyHW

        And yet, women do it so utterly willingly, without even the slightest indication of thinking about what they’re really doing.

        • I take it there is in them a sincere desire to bow down to God, the Creator, and that is a good thing in my view. Yet , they are guilty in not inquiring first whether the Muslim god, Allah, is in truth a representation of God. Obviously, in view of Allah’s (or more precisely his worshipers’) extremely murderous record since the 7th Cent., this is an error. To bow to this idol (though abstract, it is still an idol) is to condone all those murders, i.e. to share in the murders.

          • BillyHW

            In them there is the sincerest desire to whore themselves to the devil. It’s been that way since the garden.

          • Nah.

          • Dave

            Real men need and want REAL women. Not the leftist hordes and SJW types that seem to be exactly as Billy describes them.

          • That’s some women, not all women.

          • WalterBannon

            some, as in a disproportionately large number of them

          • Do you think less men than women? Are the proportions in each gender the same or markedly different? What do you think, honestly?

          • Solomon, who had a bit of experience with chicks, said, “out of 1000 men I have found one who is wise, out of all women, none. Not trying to dis them at all. I love women! But they are just too dang emotional to be trusted with things like nuclear codes and such!

          • Yes, but at the time, and even now, even in our society, women are ‘trained’ from the cradle to fit this negative image. The same is true in Islam, though much more extremely. But the truth is that a good woman, like a good man, is level-headed and trustworthy. Not all women, maybe only few fit this model – but how many men do? We have our faults as they have theirs. These faults may not be the same, but they can be equally damaging. I think, when it comes to human beings, it is wrong to generalize too quickly and firmly.

          • I agree that to generalize is a bad thing. But upon closer inspection most often our discernment is proven right.

          • Tooth&Claw

            Depends on the woman. I have met a lot of men of all ages that act their shoe size, are emotionally immature and can’t control their irrational and emotionally angry outbursts. If you pay attention to what their hot buttons are you can play them like fiddles.

          • BillyHW

            What does that have anything to do with them destroying Western Civilization by voting?

          • Many women voted for Trump, and many other good causes.

          • BillyHW

            Marie Curie!

          • Yes, for one. Billy, if you read world history (I have read many books on this subject, that has been one of my hobbies since my youth) you will see that women have had little to do with the ongoing destruction of Western civilization or anything else – men are the main culprits of the bad stuff as well as the good stuff.

      • Watchman

        Rivalled only by Planned Parenthood.

      • I don’t know. Moloch was pretty thirsty.

        • I wonder statistically if that is comparable. I would think that in fact, considering all the tens or hundreds of millions that Muslims have killed across the world in their ideological arrogance, there is no comparison. Islam is definitely the world champion in murder. Even worse than the Nazis and Communists (who had, to be sure, less time to do their thing).

          • Good question really. We read of lots of mass slaughter in the old T, lot’s ritual sacrificing going on, which was really bad when the Israelites started copying all the otherites all around them! Do you see a parallel here?

          • Yes, for sure, many embarrassing things there. But remember, we are talking about another period of history – the bronze age, and the early of the iron age (3700 BCE Abraham to 500 BCE Ezra). People were much rougher then. (By Talmudic times, about 100 BCE to 500 CE, mores became much gentler.)

      • Tooth&Claw

        Consider who they murder under Shari’a law, the comparison is apt.

  • Shebel

    My family is pretty sure that I am Demented because I just cant shut up about how much I despise Islam and their fucking Prophet.
    They are all falling over themselves to prove which one knows the nicest Muslim.
    The thing is that I probably know a few of the nicest Muslims.
    Doesn’t change what I think —one tiny bit.

    • Watchman

      I read a story, claimed to be absolutely true, about a man (in the West) who made friends with a muslim neighbour. He was friendly with the man, they drank together, until one day his drunk neighbour praised him and said that it was a real pity that he was a non-muslim, and he would hate having to kill him when it was time to do so. I think the guy said that he stopped being so close to his neighbour after that, as he realised that no matter how much they were apparently friends, when it came down to it his neighbour’s religion would dictate his actions and not any issues of friendship nor humanity. An anecdote is not data, I know, but I have heard similar stories from Bosnia/Croatia where muslim neighbours who had lived next to each other for decades took part in a genocide of the Christians in the area.

      • Shebel

        Could have been Serbia. Before Bill Clinton carpet bombed them because they were being nasty to the Muslims .
        I have tried to find the documentary where they showed Christians and Muslims laughing about how they could not be friends.
        Then they show a few years later after the killing –the same women— they all hated each other.
        What TV documentaries were around in the late /90s ?

        When Clinton Lied, Yugoslavia Died

        Posted by Ed Griffith 27sc on July 11, 2015
        · Flag

        Peace First is the first point of the Unified Platform.
        Gary Swing is a Colorado candidate who bravely ran for Congress twice
        as a Green Party member with the full support of the New Progressive
        Alliance. He ran as a Green Party candidate in 1996, 2010, 2012, and
        2014. Though unfunded, Gary worked tirelessly against great odds to get
        out unpleasant truths both major parties ignored.

        The owner of a bumper sticker, “Another Democrat for Peace” was
        unaware that waging war has been a bipartisan tradition for some time as
        evidenced by this article by Gary Swing. Though written in 2006, it is
        perhaps even more relevant today because of increasing continuous war.
        The point Gary is trying to make is engaging in extensive and expanding
        war activities is more than not being perfect. It should disqualify
        candidates such as Bernie Sanders who votes enthusiastically for
        expanded war and crimes against Gaza. For more extensive documentation
        see Continuous Wars.

        Below is the article Gary Swing wrote.

        Remember the widely
        popular bumper sticker slogan after Bill Clinton was impeached for lying
        about his affair with Monica Lewinski? “When Clinton Lied, Nobody

        In March 2006, I wrote this editorial:


        When former Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic died on March
        11, the mass media renewed its demonization of Milosevic and its
        deliberate distortion of the truth about NATO’s attack against
        Yugoslavia. Using the false pretext of “humanitarian intervention,” NATO
        forces led by the U.S. under the command of General Wesley Clark
        committed the worst war crimes in the Yugoslavian conflict that climaxed
        with NATO’s 78 day aerial bombardment of civilian targets in Serbia and
        Kosovo in 1999. Serbians were more often the victims of “ethnic
        cleansing” by U.S. allies, rather than its perpetrators.

        Historian Michael Parenti’s 2000 book, To Kill A Nation: The Attack
        on Yugoslavia, debunked media disinformation about the conflict in the
        former Yugoslavia. Parenti’s articles “The Rational Destruction of
        Yugoslavia” and “The Demonization of Slobodan Milosevic” can be read here.

        More than 150 articles about the history of the conflict are indexed here.

        More documentation is available here, including
        a complaint filed by international human rights lawyers, charging 67
        NATO leaders with war crimes. The International Criminal Tribunal for
        the Former Yugoslavia, which is financed almost entirely by the United
        States, refused to consider these charges against NATO.

        Throughout the 1990s, the United States sought to destabilize and
        dismember Yugoslavia in order to privatize its state-run industries and
        financial sector and dismantle its social service programs, thereby
        transferring Yugoslavia’s wealth to transnational corporations. In
        November 1990, Congress passed the 1991 Foreign Operations
        Appropriations Act, mandating that any part of Yugoslavia failing to
        secede within six months would lose U.S. financial support. The U.S.
        then financed separatist movements in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia,
        Macedonia, and Kosovo, consistently backing the most fascistic elements
        in a strategy of “divide and conquer.”

        Bill Clinton labeled Milosevic “a new Hitler,” while supporting
        Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic who was a convicted World War II
        Nazi war criminal, and Croatian President Franjo Tudjman, who wrote a
        book (Wastelands of Historical Truth) praising Hitler and advocating
        genocide. Izetbegovic sought to create an Islamic theocracy.

        The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), identified as a terrorist
        organization by the U.S. State Department and a major heroin trafficker
        by Europol, was financed and trained by Osama bin Laden’s “al-Qaeda”
        network and the CIA.

        Sensational media accusations of genocide by Serbian forces were not
        substantiated by the most extensive crime scene investigation in
        history. Alleged mass graves containing hundreds of thousands of bodies
        were not found when NATO forces occupied Kosovo. Forced deportation of
        ethnic Albanians from Kosovo did not begin until after NATO started
        bombing. Serbs were denounced in the western media for massacres in
        Sarajevo in 1992, 1994, and 1995 that United Nations’ investigators
        attributed to Bosnian Muslims.

        From 1991 to 1995, Croatia committed the most substantial “ethnic
        cleansing” of the former Yugoslavia’s civil war. Croatia depopulated the
        Krajina of half a million Serbs through forced emigration and massacres
        under the direction of U.S. military and CIA officers.

        The primary war crime charge against Milosevic preceding NATO’s
        carpet bombing concerned the Racak “massacre” of January, 1999. American
        envoy William Walker claimed that Serbian police had executed 45
        Albanian peasants in the village of Racak in Kosovo. French journalists
        on the scene and Walker’s own Kosovo Verification Mission monitors found
        no evidence of massacred civilians. Independent autopsies indicated
        that the corpses were KLA fighters killed in combat, who were later
        moved to a ditch to simulate a massacre. European media widely
        challenged Walker’s story, but the U.S. media only published his

        Walker had been the U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador from 1988 to 1992
        at the height of U.S. backed death squad killings there. Walker was
        allied with drug and arms trafficker Roberto d’Aubuisson, the most
        notorious death squad leader in El Salvador, who had hired the
        sharpshooter who killed Archbishop Romero in 1980. From 1980 to 1994,
        the U.S. provided more than $6 billion in military aid to El Salvador.

        Three days after Walker’s Racak accusations, Secretary of State
        Madeline Albright issued an ultimatum. Milosevic must accept NATO
        military occupation of all of Yugoslavia and independence for Kosovo, or
        Serbia would be bombed. Milosevic rejected this ultimatum, offering a
        counterproposal that the U.S. rejected.

        From March 24 to June 10, 1999, U.S. led NATO military forces dropped
        20,000 tons of bombs on Yugoslavia. NATO bombed television stations,
        factories, power plants, gas, oil, and water supplies, sewage treatment
        plants, public housing, refineries, warehouses, agricultural facilities,
        roads, bridges, railways, daycare centers, hospitals, more than 200
        schools, and a convoy of Albanian refugees. NATO commander Wesley Clark
        said the aim of the air war was to “demolish, destroy, devastate,
        degrade, and ultimately eliminate the essential infrastructure” of

        The U.S. dropped cluster bombs on Yugoslavia and exposed millions of
        people to depleted uranium. Unexploded cluster bombs scatter as land
        mines that blast apart children who pick them up. Depleted uranium
        weapons spread cancer-causing radioactive contamination that lasts for
        billions of years. NATO used toxic nerve gas, black napalm,
        sterilization chemicals, and sprays to poison Yugoslav crops. NATO
        forces devised the technique of bombing a civilian target, waiting
        fifteen minutes, and then bombing again to kill rescue workers.

        NATO attacked Yugoslavia without the consent of any of its own
        parliaments, violating the NATO treaty, Article One of the U.S.
        Constitution, the United Nations Charter, the Geneva Conventions, and
        the Nuremberg Principles.

        A popular “liberal” bumper sticker slogan erroneously proclaims:
        “When Clinton Lied, Nobody Died.” Yet within a four-month period, the
        Clinton Administration bombed Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yugoslavia,
        and waged covert wars in Angola, Mexico, Columbia, and East Timor. These
        crimes against humanity were marketed with a web of lies thrust forth
        by Slick Willie. Nevertheless, in the lunatic asylum of American
        politics, Bill Clinton’s worst transgression as president was his
        interest in White House intern Monica Lewinski’s sexual services, not
        his wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians in the service of
        transnational corporate interests.

        The Yugoslav conflict enabled the U.S. to establish military bases in
        Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary, Bosnia, and Croatia. By
        2002, the U.S. military had troops in 147 countries, keeping the world
        safe from democracy.

        • Watchman

          No, the scary thing about the anecdote was that it was in the USA.

  • BillyHW

    This is exactly why God commanded that women never vote.

    • Women are man’s equal.

      • Shebel

        Especially when they on their knees in front a Man.
        Sorry —- couldn’t resist.
        I will do 18 Hail Marys .

      • BillyHW

        Utterly unequal in every single way, proven by all the evidence of history.

  • Blacksmith

    I am sure they would do the same for a Christian, Jewish, buhddist etc prayer right?

    • mobuyus

      Ya right.

  • bargogx1


  • Christian Pilgrim

    Don’t muslims take their shoes off to pray? Praying with their shoes on would be blasphemy or sumthin’.

    • mobuyus

      Not only do they take their shoes off but they also insist you do likewise no matter your beliefs.

  • QiPo

    How PC works. Social engineering. The others are doing it, so these western jeniusus just join in. Turn brain off; raise buttocks! Mob mentality. INSTEAD OF WALKING AWAY FROM EVIL, THEY JOIN THE CLUB! They are about as “sharp as a bowling ball.” Is it any wonder that mankind has suffered under fascism, marxism, maoism, liberalism, progressiveism, and their spawn after witnessing this clip? We chose to do it to ourselves! There is a choir of over 270,000,000 dead voices screaming at us: “STOP! DON’T DO IT! And we won’t listen.

  • Clink9

    Maybe they thought it was a weird yoga class.

    • Lol.

    • mobuyus

      What yoga class isn’t weird?

      • Clink9

        Truer words have not been spoken.

      • Dave

        naked yoga?
        Just askin’

        • jayme

          The trouble with that is – how to put this politely? – most people don’t have the physiques for it and the results wouldn’t be pretty. Kind of like nudist beaches – they sound better than they are in practice.

        • mobuyus

          I can understand that if I was naked and practicing yoga with hot open minded lesbians.

      • Try yoga, it’s great.

        • mobuyus

          Yoga may very well be great however I stand by my original statement.

          • What does weird mean, then? Just unfamiliar? The fact is that yoga is very pleasant and healthy.

          • mobuyus

            Ya but it’s weird when it involves flatulance and men.

          • disqusW6sf

            Yoga does involve flatulence.That’s why I stopped going taking classes…it made me laugh.

  • Shebel

    It is a throat exercise — women love it.
    Makes then feel EQUAL.

    • mobuyus

      It’s also good for facial complexion much better than liberal eco-friendly moisturizing cream.

  • Shebel

    I feel totally ashamed of myself.
    The Devil had a hold on me for one brief moment.

  • Shebel

    and TRUMP is the bad Guy.

  • seaoh

    Honestly, I hope CPS takes that child from them for his own protection, these women shouldn’t have kids

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Slaves to a savage 7th Century death cult. Seems we won’t even be able to avoid them here now, on this very cold ragged edge of the populated World….Gee..I wonder how many bumsicles they’ll find in the melting snow around Emerson?

    • mobuyus

      Hopefully more than what make it to the nearest welfare office.

  • John

    There are just shitloads of not-too-bright people around these days. I feel sorry for the little toddler in the video.

  • Allan

    The muslim supremisists always need useful idiots

    • Canadian Born

      There seems to be a lot of them here in Canada and the US.

  • Gary

    The good News is that THEY will be among the Firsts the islamists behead in public with the feminists, gays , Judges, Union leaders and Communists.

    Note how the muslims send out the women in public like chattel to be human shield because the Police or protester won’t harm them, but the irony is that they will be used as suicide-bomber to kill the very Liberals that protected them.
    Can’t wait to see Wynne and Sid Ryan tossed off the CN Tower.

  • Yes, brown religions are quaint, aren’t they, white bread?

    Some people have no sense or pride.

  • WalterBannon

    being a liberal is like being in a cargo cult, they are monkeys that copy what they see and have no brains to reason for themselves

  • AAAAHHHHHHHHH !!!!! (runs out of room with hair on fire!!!!)

  • Canadian Born

    This is mind blowing. Canadians and Americans don’t have a clue on the damage they are doing to our once great countries. Shame on tem.