Krayden: Child soldiers another reason Trudeau must forget about Mali peacekeeping mission

The Canadian Armed Forces has its own way of indicating disapproval or disavowal of a government policy. As a servant of its political masters, Canada’s military is loathe to make public pronouncements when it disagrees with the government of the day or even to offer off-the-record or deep background assessments to the media.

But it will issue a report. The CAF has done just that by publishing a new doctrine on how deployed personnel should engage child soldiers — just as they surely will if the Trudeau government deploys military personnel to Mali as peacekeepers.

  • canminuteman

    Mali is a huge Sahara desert landlocked country with no transportation infrastructure. Without huge commitments from the Americans we don’t have the logistics capability to support a platoon over there. This is not going to happen. If it is attempted it will be a clusterfuck,

  • tom_billesley

    How to engage child soldiers? Just the same as soldiers, but be on guard for a greater likelihood of suicidal attack. It’s war, not social work.

  • ontario john

    Whats a few Canadian lives, as long as feminist Trudeau gets that UN security seat. Think of the great selfies! It will give him something to brag about the next time he is partying at that Muslim huckster billionaires island.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Use smaller bullets.

    • Slickfoot

      And don’t lead them so much.

  • Waffle

    It is way past time to keep pretending that the emperor is actually wearing clothes. Anyone with even half a brain and who has kept even one eye open on the news for the past couple of years knows that Little Tater is a mere puppet whose strings are being pulled — sometimes in opposite directions — by his two senior advisers — Omar Alghabra and Gerald Butts.

    Unless and until (sigh) someone does the requisite digging to reveal the agenda(s) of this pair of deplorables we are doomed to impoverished oblivion (sooner, rather than later).

    Krayden’s piece was well-written and a refreshing change from the naive ramblings of so-called “conservative” commentators and those who we tend to call “pundits” but who, in reality, are mere hacks hustling for a high $$ gig on the next election campaign.

  • Children don’t vote, so…