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Muslim Students ‘threatened to behead non-Muslim staff in name of ISIS’ at high school in Australia.

The school’s principal was a convert to Islam who ran this public school with a Muslim majority student population into a madrassa for jihad recruitment. Convert Chris Griffiths and deputy principal Joumana Dennaoiu were adhering to the fundamental principles of Islam – gender segregation, incitement to jihad and a disregard of Australian law and law enforcement. What is so troubling is that they both were were allowed to stay in their positions for so long and that they both were eventually moved to another school and not fired. These treacherous Muslims should be jail — not “radicalizing” another school.

EU Climate Czar Says Trudeau Can Fill ‘Leadership Vacuum’ Trump Created

The European Union’s climate change czar wants Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to fill the “leadership vacuum” created because President Donald Trump refuses to commit to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Miguel Arias Canete, the commissioner on climate action and energy, told CBC News that he already misses the “clear leadership” of former President Barack Obama.

Public safety minister speaks in Manitoba at site of border crossings

Ralph Goodale thanked first responders in the town of Emerson, and said the federal government is reviewing calls for more aid.

Hate crimes rise by more than half in New York City due to surge in anti-Semitism

Crimes listed included swastikas appearing on subways and a bomb threat at the Manhattan Anti-Defamation League.

White House proposes steep budget cut to leading climate science agency

The proposed cuts to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration would also eliminate funding for a variety of smaller programs, including external research, coastal management, estuary reserves and “coastal resilience,” which seeks to bolster the ability of coastal areas to withstand major storms and rising seas.

U.S. Airport Pat-Downs Are About to Get More Invasive

While few have noticed, U.S. airport security workers long had the option of using five different types of physical pat-downs at the screening line. Now those options have been eliminated and replaced with a single universal approach. This time, you will notice.

The new physical touching—for those selected to have a pat-down—will be be what the federal agency officially describes as a more “comprehensive” physical screening, according to a Transportation Security Administration spokesman.

Mexico launches nationwide effort in US to help migrants

Not only is the Mexican government not building a wall; it’s spending $50 million to beef up its legal aid to migrants who fear deportation, a response to President Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

All 50 Mexican consulates in the U.S. on Friday launched legal assistance centers to form partnerships with nonprofit groups and tap lawyers to help those fearing Trump’s policies.

ISIS to Westerners: ‘Dress up like Jews’ and kill

The Islamic State terrorist group is calling upon followers in the West to “dress up like Jews” and commit acts of terror against Jewish communities by using knives, bombs and Krav Maga – an Israeli martial art.

MEDIA BLACKOUT: Criminal ‘Dreamers’ brutal murders

Under Obama and other Leftist president,why did the youth of other countries take priority over America’s children?

‘Criminals don’t need plasma TVs’: New $91-million ‘luxury’ Quebec jail slammed by taxpayers group

The new, $91-million jail inaugurated this week in Sept-Îles is being described as a “luxury” component of Quebec’s correctional system, and that’s what is making Carl Vallée, head of the Quebec chapter of the Canadian Taxpayers Association, so angry.

“It’s not just the price tag,” he said in an interview with the Montreal Gazette. “It’s the concept in Quebec that we’re treating our criminals better than we’re treating our elderly. And that, I find, is indecent.


  • ontario john

    And now the Sunday Toronto Star. Stories are, Trump is Hitler, Liberal MPs want action against people who say nasty things about their muslim faith, the peasants will fall for any evil conservative politician that waves shiny things in front of them, whiny indians need more money, far right fascists hold demonstrations against Motion 103, and UN troops in Africa are using weapons supplied by North Korea. But the exciting news, is that little Justin is going on another selfie tour. Yes he is heading to New York this month to take in a Broadway play. Meanwhile the CBC is upset that evangelist Franklin Graham conducted his crusade in Vancouver. The mayor and main line liberal churches boycotted Hitler Graham.

    • reidjr

      Justin was at Crashed Ice last night in Ottawa in the vip area $250 per ticket and his whole family was there now when Harper went to a sporting event people bashed him saying tax money should not be used for this will those same bash JT.

  • Shebel

    Is that what Jews look like—

    Nope— Not going to say it.
    I have self control.

  • BillyHW

    I don’t even have a giant screen tv.

    • ontario john

      I hope they get Netflix and the movie channel. Wouldn’t want the UN to get involved.

      • Editor

        I came back to Canada from years abroad in the early 90s and worked on a few low paying outside contracts for the federal government. I had access to a publication called the GBO (Government Business Opportunities). So as I was struggling to make ends meet, I saw the feds asking for tenders to wire the BC Pen for cable TV. Cable TV was one of the luxuries I decided couldn’t afford at the time but my taxes were making sure inmates in BC were getting it. I swung a bit more right-of-center that day.

  • Spatchcocked

    Gee Ralph, Canadians are not concerned these border jumpers are receiving enough aid….Canadians are concerned whether they are going to be a public charge forever or are they being sent back to where they came from.
    Got it?

  • Cat-astrophe

    This line makes me Laugh: (no offence meant to its author) “These treacherous Muslims should be jail — not “radicalizing another school”

    The truth is Jails are a sabbatical for believers, where they spend their time bonding deeply with Mohammed and teaching…… The other inmates are captive adult students who take to the Ideology like a duck to water. Think Travis Vader (from a CBC news report Dec 12 16): “Convicted killer Travis told court he converted to Islam in 2012” (etc., etc.)

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    No big deal…the TV will only have one channel…the CBC. They have to build their viewership somehow…watching the CBC for me is like torture…

  • “EU Climate Czar Says Trudeau Can Fill ‘Leadership Vacuum’ Trump Created” This is the joke of the year.