Canada Will Not Stop Illegal Immigration

No surprise there:

Canada will not tighten its border to deter migrants crossing illegally from the United States in the wake of a U.S. immigration crackdown because the numbers are not big enough to cause alarm, a government minister said on Saturday.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said the issue had not risen to a scale that required hindering the flow of goods and people moving across the world’s longest undefended border.


  • marty_p

    Be forewarned/prepared – the media/Govt. are preparing the West for another flood of Somali refugees “fleeing a humanitarian disaster”:

    • Tooth&Claw

      The Ethiopians won’t like it.

      • Maggat

        Ah hell, let them in as well.

    • john700

      Just wait till the Mexicans start coming in droves. All legal, cause they no longer need visas. They will just cross the border and simply overstay the 6 months they are allowed. They don’t even have to apply for refugee status.

      • The Deplorable Rosenmops

        But they will apply for refuge status to get more free stuff.

        Thanks, Trudope!

    • The Deplorable Rosenmops

      Here is an idea–let’s send food to Somalia instead of bring Somalians here. But of course they want to come here and turn Canada into a shit hole like Somalia.

    • Canadian Born

      Our immigration minister is Somalian, coincidence? I think not.

    • Maggat

      It’s the will of Allah, get over it and let it happen.

  • Spatchcocked

    Ralph? You keep sidestepping the issue….are you going to return these Somalian queue jumpers to the USA or not?

  • Sid Falco

    The Minister of Foxes and Henhouses will only act when he can’t find a parking spot at his local mosque – then it will be ask for more mosques.

  • Dave

    I’m almost to the point where I just don’t give a damn about canada anymore.(The boy blunder says we should be proud to be the first “post-nation state”. What a f*cktard.) The “big city ‘tards” that elected the POS man-child will be the primary targets if and when the hordes go rogue so I’m going to sit back and enjoy the show.

  • Gary

    When the bombs go off the Liberals will blame Trump .

  • ontario john

    Stop it?? The various levels of government are looking at ways of financing it! Money is already being committed to provide shelter and legal aid for them. And the bought and paid for media is supporting it. I listened the the CBC’s collection of journalist elites, on the Political Scrum this morning, praising little Justin and his government on the issue.

  • Marvin
  • The Deplorable Rosenmops
  • Voters blocks.

    People are wary of this Liberal scam but the Liberals desperately need it.

    Remember that language requirements have been waived and the Liberal government awarded citizenship to a known terrorist. I’m sure the wheels are greased for some fast-tracked pre-election citizenship.

  • FactsWillOut

    Ralph is a liar.
    Strengthening the porous border will not impede the free flow of goods, as the invaders are not using roads.

  • Ron MacDonald

    They’re looked upon as future Liberal voters.

  • Felicia Scott

    I live in northern Vermont and will be glad to post a sign so all illegals fleeing our welfare rolls can easily find their way onto Canada’s. Thanks!