Anti-Islamic Bomb Hoax Apparently Not A White Supremacist Plot

After blaming what now appears to be an imaginary white supremacist organization claiming inspiration from President Donald Trump, Montreal police have arrested Hisham Saadi, 47, in connection with Wednesday’s bomb threat hoax at Concordia University, located in the center of Canada’s second-largest city.

A mysterious email, purportedly coming from the “Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada (C4),” was sent to Canadian media outlets and had authorities combing the city for white supremacists and seeking an Islamophobia conspiracy after the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center suggested the group was a Canadian version of the U.S. Council of Conservative Citizens, a racist organization.

  • Ali

    Hisham Saadi is innocent.

    It is obviously the Zionists who are behind framing him and having him arrested!

  • ontario john

    Funny how the media has dropped this story so fast. But then the media thinks the anti Islamophobia crowd confronting freedom of speech activists, are great for carrying signs against white supremacy.

    • Expect things like this more often.

      The Narrative and all that.

  • simus1

    A 47 year old student ?

    doing an economics Ph.D ?

    at Concordia ?
    I could buy a 47 year old at Concordia working on a Ph.D in computer smashing, or rioting, or commie community organizing.
    But economics ? Come on. Get real.

    Perhaps he should have taken computer science. He apparently sent some of his threats via his landlord’s url.

  • ismiselemeas

    Another fake hate crime?

  • robins111

    Isn’t it strange that the media and the government can determine where a suspected white supremacist played euchure with and who 4 years ago. But they can’t find out where this fucking yard bird goes to church.

  • Gary

    I’m amazed how well trained the media is from their fear of islamic terrorism where their default position for ANY claim of a hate-crime by a muslim is to take it as factual and blame a White Supremacy group or person.
    Yet in 2014 when we saw 2 Jihad attacks by muslims saying they did it for ISIS …Justin said it was mental illness or poverty driven. How annoying for a muslim wanting to please allah by killing the unbelievers and then our PM robs them of glory and Jihad act by refusing to respect the quran inspired act to declare it a mental illness issue with NOTHING to do with islam .
    What better way to incite more Jihadists that want a bigger terrorism act so Justin will finally give allah the credit as a very sane act to obey the quran.