And Now, A Happy Story

A family’s pooch has been found:

For Bear – a young rescue dog from Greece – it was his Instagram account, a handful of neighbourhood Facebook groups, and a quick-thinking public relations student who found him, that helped reunite the missing pup with his East York family last Friday.

That day, Bear went missing in mid-afternoon from his home while a new hot water system was being installed.

The assumption is that a gate was left open, so Bear bolted.

Wayne Watson, 53, searched the house for the young dog, who joined their family last April. Panic rose, as he found each room empty.

Next, he biked around the neighbourhood, calling for Bear.

He told his wife, who posted quickly on a Facebook group intended for their small street before she began driving home.

“We were freaking out,” recalled Watson. Bear’s usual tag was not on him, as he’d recently had a ruined collar replaced.

But then: “Literally 45 minutes from when the posting went up on Facebook, we found him.”