Can women use sexual coercion against men? Lawsuit forces Indiana U. to face possibility

The Friday before Thanksgiving 2015, freshman Aaron Farrer sat for his trial in a campus court. He was accused of sexually assaulting his student neighbor.

A few weeks later, Farrer (pictured, far right, with father) was called into Indiana University-Bloomington’s Office of Student Ethics. “They told me I was expelled,” Farrer told The College Fix.

  • Hard Little Machine

    College men NEED to start pressing criminal sexual assault charges against ALL women the cross paths and quite a few they don’t. It’s time to smash them. Clog up the system with 10’s of thousands of charges against as many women as possible.

    • Yea that’ll work;)

      • Hard Little Machine

        It’s a symbolic act but so is everything. Wage a war using their own weapons against them.

    • Uncommunist

      3rd wave feminist ideology runs the legal system, imo.

  • BillyHW

    Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote and you all know it.

    • Uncommunist

      Who would run the banana republic, unaccountable, totalitarian deep state ?

      • favill

        Yeah…but when women are allowed to vote–you just KNOW that many of them willvvote for the guy that gives them ‘gina tingles. Because, how else do you explain Trudeau (I & II)?