Wynne’s shocking re-election plan

Ontario’s Premier, Kathleen Wynne has declared power rates in the province can be anything the premier wants them to be and has decided household consumers need their overall bills cut 25% starting June 1.

In a press conference Thursday, Wynne explained she was driven to act because the government’s announcement last September of an 8% cut in power rates “hasn’t been enough”.

What she meant is that the tax-funded 8% cut was insufficient to restore public confidence in her to continue as premier.

Wynne is a liar and thief, not to mention incompetent.

  • Gary

    McGuinty won an Election with his promise to over spend until 2015. Wynne took over and she too promises to over spend for the next 3 years.
    Justin says he’ll do it for the next 7 years to drive the debt to over $1,000,000,000,000.00 .

    • Liberal Progressive

      Anybody who publicly criticizes Kathleen must be a homophobe!

      When her OPP investigate you will have a knock on your door from the Ontario Human Rights Commission!

      There is no place in Ontario for anybody who criticizes Premier Wynne or the Liberal Party!

  • Canadian Born

    The picture suits her, right out of the Wizard of Oz. Like the movie can’t we spray her with a substance that would make her melt and disappear? If and that is a big if, she is re elected because of this, the people of Ontario would then become the biggest morons in the country.

  • Clink9

    It just doesn’t get any lower than this incompetent scumbag.
    An example to all the kids in Ontario of how not to life your life.

    • She should be jailed. That would be a suitable example.

    • john700

      She is a lesbian, isn’t that a good enough example of how not to live?

      • Clink9

        Especially when her girlfriend moved into the house with her three children. Hubby had to live the the basement.

  • simus1

    Third world kleptocracies run on similar logic – massive flour subsidies to keep the starving hordes happy while the elites pillage everything else.
    Of course hyperinflation eventually is the hole card for people like Wynne when it comes time to get rid of all those pesky gullible people whose future investments will include the “lifetime guaranteed inflation proof Ontario bonds”.

    • It’s criminal.

    • canminuteman

      Hyper inflation isn’t even an option for Ontario because we use Canadian money and have no control of the Bank of Canada. Ontario is screwed and there is no government that can fix it.

      • simus1

        The left have it all in hand, provincially, nationally, and internationally. They and their rent seeker friends plus the crony capitalist crowd have no intention of ever eating one speck of the debt. That task will be totally left to the “little people”.

  • Chris

    At this point in time it doesn’t matter a whit what Wynne does, the provincial liberals (whether under her leadership or someone else’s) will get re-elected because the public service unions will see to it. Until something is done to extract them from the equation everything else is moot.

    • ontario john

      The last few days the various teacher unions have been extending their contracts past the next election. Gee I wonder why? Must not embarrass Wynne during the election. I had a laugh, when I saw why teachers don’t want the voucher system in the USA. They had the gall to say its because of its possible effects on salaries. Yes, never mind whats good for the students.

  • ontario john

    Rex Murphy at the National Post website, has a great story on Wynne.

    • simus1

      Rex Murphy once opined way back when: “There may be one honest politician in Newfoundland but I have yet to meet him.” Smallwood was not amused.

  • And who gives her this power?

    The people who continually vote her in.

    • simus1

      In all fairness, the alternates on offer have not ever even been the pick of the litter.
      From day one of McGuilty until this minute.

      • Anything would be better than her.

        • simus1

          Indeed. But a good product can’t massively grow market share in a short time without good long term planning and an exceptional head of the sales force.

  • marty_p

    Wynne’s hydro plan reminds me of Wimpy:

  • JohnfromToronto

    The Star has already started her re-election campaign in their editorial. She sets fire to the province and we’re supposed to thank her for spitting (I am being nice) on the fire.