How the EU uses migration to batter democracy

Brussels has weaponised migrants, with disastrous results.

The Brexit vote is history. A closed or open Britain is the defining battle now’, read a Guardian headline in the wake of the Brexit vote. This has been the elite narrative ever since. The question of whether Britain will now turn in on itself or extend outwards, shun migrants or welcome newcomers, has preoccupied both sides of the post-Brexit debate. Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech was dedicated to dispelling the idea that Brexit was a victory for Little Englanders, and arguing that instead it was an opportunity for a truly global, internationalist Britain. Among staunch Remainers, the spectre of post-vote xenophobia has fuelled their campaign to soften or better yet scupper Brexit.

  • Alain

    For any hope of Britain surviving, it is imperative to close the borders and start a large scale deportation of the invaders. As this is unlikely to happen, Britain will cease to exist as a British country.

    • Maggat

      The Sainted Isles. Going, going, ???

  • Dana Garcia

    There’s nothing better than allowing the mass immigration of millions of a historic barbaric enemy to make a police state absolutely necessary: the terrified citizens will demand streets filled with armed soldiers everywhere.

    • Sekigahara

      The question is, will those armed soldiers be indigenous Brits or the imported Muslims?