U.S. Journalist Investigating “Migrant Crime” In Sweden Has To Leave Under “Police Escort” For His Own Safety

After Trump called attention to the rising tide of migrant crime in Sweden last week, independent journalist Tim Pool decided to head to Stockholm for a first-hand look at the “crime-ridden migrant suburb” of Rinkeby.  Unfortunately, upon arrival Pool didn’t get to do much investigating before arousing the suspicion of a couple of masked men who proceeded to follow him through the streets eventually leading to his prompt police escort out of the city out of fear for his crew’s safety.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If Trump were a professor of classics, his response would be Q.E.D.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Tim Poole is still alive so this obviously debunks Trump’s claim that no-go zones exist.

  • SDMatt

    Isn’t this the guy who accepted Prison Planet’s $2,000 offer for any “journalist” to travel to Sweden and see for themself?

    • Watchman
      • Oh, how embarrassing.

        • Watchman

          “Police have disputed American journalist Tim Pool’s claim that he received an escort out of the Rinkeby suburb of Stockholm on Wednesday after he and his colleague were followed by masked men.” http://www.thelocal.se/20170301/police-told-me-to-leave-rinkeby-us-journalist-tim-pool

          They just dispute they provided a formal escort. They are not disputing they told Tim Pool to leave the suburb. They are not disputing there was danger if he stayed. Just disputing they provided an official safe escort out.

          It’s almost as if the police are sending a message to the Rinkeby rulers, “We did as you wanted, and got Tim Pool to leave, but we didn’t help him or protect him at all. Please don’t hurt our police.”

          • Will Quest

            Tim Pool left a puddle in Sweden…..

          • Surely the police know by now that attempting to quell the ever-present anger of these “restive youth” is pointless.

  • Observer

    Doesn’t Tim Pool know it is a crime to WWW (walking while white) ?

  • Watchman

    “Nobody likes foreigners in Sweden!” Err, wait. “Everyone loves ‘refugee’ foreigners in Sweden – everyone hates US foreigners in Sweden!”