Seattle: The costs of Muslim sharia-compliant swimming

A few years ago we informed readers that in the state of Washington, At least 8 King County pools offered sharia-compliant swims for Muslims – Three owned by the city of Seattle.

A reader shared feedback from an inquiry on the issue and related costs, albeit not in dollar terms.

  • Of course, this sort of thing can be avoided if people had the backbone.

  • Gary

    So swimming is now a Human Right ???

    What’s to stop Muslim males from raiding the pool to rape the women because they know the Police won’t do anything and nor will the Imams report it.

    This is a ruse that’s going on in Toronto as well.
    Several years back at a Public outdoor pool by the beach I witnesses a person clad in Black with a little child and wanted to escort them to the pool and watch them swim.
    The rules make it clear that ALL person must wear approved swim wear and shower prior to entering the Pool area. This person not only didn’t they have to shower,but they were the first one I ever saw that had street clothes and shoes to enter the pool deck area .
    The argument was that they had to dress modest in public . Yet….she was okay at a public pool where males in speedo’s were walking around that her daughter was exposed to .

    Toronto caved to this person and now it’s the norm for persons in street clothes to get into the pool of the look Muslim. What is now troubling for the Change Rooms is that I have seen gay fathers bringing their little daughter in to the Men’s change room where naked older men walk around as if this is normal.
    What’s so hypocritical for Toronto pretending to protect children is that the Change Rooms have a notice that NO Photo equipment is allowed as well as the ban from the pool area.
    That person in Black with a face cover could have been a man wanting to use his daughter to get into the women’s Change area to see naked women.
    Gays and Muslims have created a mess for the PC mind set
    where Politicians keep playing both sides to condemn the people outside a Jew-hating homophobic mosque holding a legal protest as they tell the media that they Condemn all forms of hatred towards jews, muslims, and the LBGTQ2W community .

    So while John Tory tells us that he supports children’s Rights to be safe in Toronto his same Council protects gay fathers taking little girls into his Change room at a public pool where naked males walk around. His Council protest people in black outfits with a little girl that can take her into the women’s Change Room with naked girls around when the person in black could be a man.

    Muslims are free to build their own Pools, keep them out of public areas to stop them from imposing sharia on public property which make it a quasi-caliphate by-proxy.

    • felis gracilis

      Public authorities and public facilities should not be required to support the cultural preferences of minority immigrant communities. As Gary states, they are free to develop their own private facilities.

  • Barrington Minge

    how long does it take to clean the water after yer moolims have been in it?