Concordia bomb threat suspect was a Concordia PHD Student from Lebanon

The man charged in connection with Wednesday’s bomb threats at Concordia University, Hisham Saadi, was a PhD student in economics there, according to the man who sublet Saadi his apartment.

Speaking to CBC’s French-language network, Radio-Canada, under the condition of anonymity, the man said he had met Saadi at Concordia to pick up a rent cheque.

He said Saadi is of Lebanese origin.

“I think he has [Canadian] citizenship,” he said. “He has been here for many years.”

More… Hisaham Saadi appeared briefly at the Montreal courthouse Thursday afternoon via video conference from Bordeaux Prison to face charges of inciting fear of terrorist activities, issuing a death threat and interrupting the students and personnel of Concordia University from their activities.

Not much is known about his background, it is possible he is a Christian. There is little love lost between Lebanese Christians and Muslims. That said it may be that the links below are the breadcrumbs needed to track down his political  sympathies… A comment left on an anti-Israeli blog “Tadamon” is telling if it proves legit.

Found on Facebook Pic 1 Link.  No idea idea if legit or not.

Pic 2 Link – again no idea if this legit but evidence is mounting…


Link to comment on Pro-Palestinian Blog “Tadamon”

Tadamon article with Hisham Saadi comment saved as .pdf link below

Hisham Saadi Comment tadamon-ca

Translation of Pic 2

On the 6th day, the Israeli genocide continues. Yesterday, eight Canadian citizens were brutally massacred by Israeli bombers. At this crucial moment in our lives, it is important to protest against Mr. Harper’s shameful position and to show our government that Lebanese blood is as precious as Israeli blood. We ask all Lebanese, our Arab colleagues, and all the friends of our fellow Canadians in Quebec, to attend massively to the next demonstration in Montreal this Tuesday 5 pm at Dorchester Square. Residents from other provinces are asked to show up elsewhere in the country. Your symbolic presence will be a great psychological and moral support to our resisters and to the civilian population that is suffering and, unfortunately, will continue to pay the price of international silence to the crimes against humanity that Israel is committing.
Comment by Hisham SAADI – July 17th, 2006 @ 1:48 AM