Our American friend: A President like no other

Our American friend John Gilmore, who called the US prez runoff right while hordes of frat boy consultants and media got it wrong, on Trump’s first big speech:

President Trump last night addressed a joint session of Congress and astonished his supporters, while dismaying his detractors, by delivering a powerful, patriotic but never jingoistic, speech that called upon America to be great again. It was brilliantly written and flawlessly delivered. From condemning recent outbreaks of anti-Semitism, to insisting that those who are allowed into the country “love its people and our values,” to promoting cooperation around the world, President Trump gave the speech his opponents never thought possible and that even his supporters never hoped for in their wildest dreams.

I promised the major domos at Blazing Cat Fur that I’d write about Trump for some time now. The honest truth is that so much has happened so fast it was nearly impossible to find a starting point until now. America has undergone a genuine revolution of sorts, where a corrupt and dishonest media are called out time and again, and where the new President moved swiftly, surely and effortlessly in fulfilling his major campaign promises. Despite media narratives of disarray, Trump has proceeded methodically to deliver on his vision on offer to the American voter last November. It’s only his fifth week in office.

President Trump suddenly makes all the old ways of doing things, of doing politics, seem stale and outdated. How did we operate otherwise for so long, people ask themselves. Beholden to no one but the millions who delivered the single most remarkable election upset in history, Trump has moved into an otherwise confining office with remarkable skill and aplomb.

He doesn’t play by the rules, is the shopworn cliche but this misses much about him: he can and will if it serves to advance his agenda. Washington DC is coming to terms, albeit in fits and starts, that when he says his only agenda is the American people, he actually means it.

America has never had such a President before.

I could recapitulate for my Canadian readers various twists and turns since his inauguration on January 20th but that would be to see only the trees and not the forest. “Process” still drives what media focuses on; they can’t help themselves. But process by definition is transient, doesn’t stick, doesn’t last. Trump, by contrast, focuses on both long and short term goals simultaneously.

Rush Limbaugh said that he doesn’t have anyone in Washington but the voters who sent him there. This is fundamentally correct. But in knowing it and never forgetting it, Trump remains true to them and to himself. This is objectively the case and provides him with a command and sense of power we haven’t seen here in living memory.

Trump will build the wall, build up the military, spark an infrastructure boom to repair and rebuild large swaths of the country, crack down on illegal immigrants, focus on reducing the horrific crime rates that plague far too many cities and repeal and replace Obamacare with a market-oriented, patient-centered plan. In a word, he’ll keep his promises.

I’ll be writing more regularly for this audience in the future about how this presidency unfolds. For now, I must defer to the far left activist, former member of the Obama White House and now cable news pundit Van Jones, who said last night with a praiseworthy honesty: “If he can do that over and over, he’s gonna be there for eight years.” Yes.

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