When Tolerance Becomes A Death-Wish

So when does tolerance become a death-wish?

I have been attending the Manning Centre Conference for the past two days in Ottawa. It is Canada’s answer to CPAC — as I like to call it — as conservative academics, opinion leaders, politicians, media and of course grassroots supporters come to hear the state of conservative values. With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau running the ship of state, it is not the most optimistic era.

Of all the speeches and small group presentations I heard, I think the one focusing on Islamic terror was both the most relevant and the most troubling.

Troubling because the there is a potential for things to get worse.

Relevant because it’s in the news.

  • Dana Garcia

    I miss religion for virtue showboating. At least the music is good.

  • mauser 98

    Manning went mushy years ago

    ….little light , heat..hope

    • Alain

      “Mushy”? You are far too polite and kind.

  • bob e

    good for you boss ..
    good pic too