Rachel Dolezal has become a nightmare for the ‘transgender’ fantasists

Still laying on an extra thick coating of Spray On Tan

The news that Rachel Dolezal claims to be on the verge of homelessness threatens progressives with the internal contradictions of their dogma becoming public.

Ms. Dolezal, a white woman who for years so successfully pretended to be black that she became head of an NAACP chapter…

  • marty

    Go with the porn job!

  • KillerMarmot

    If she went back to being Caucasian — that is, returned to her natural hair style (blondish and straight) and skin color (white with freckles) — my guess is that few would recognize her.

    She’s an international joke, but I don’t want to see her deprived of proper employment, if for no other reason than it costs hard-working Americans money to support her.

  • Gary

    I’m a lighter skinned person than my native background father but during the sunny periods from June to late September I get darker than some of the people claiming to be black .
    I rarely get a sun burn because once my outdoor work gives me a base tan I can go to the beach on Saturday and get 3 hours of peak sunlight and get darker each time I go .

    The PC mind set makes it tough to know who is really Black to get special Rights for Job Quotas and who is actually native.
    I find it insulting that BMO has a stereo type image of natives in Canada where I’m not really of N.American background unless I have a costume with feathers and can dance for the White man.
    In 1942 my dad and 3 of his brothers had left the farm to head to Montreal and Enlist for the war efforts against Hitler, they all wore
    the same Military outfits as the White soldiers. If they were good enough then in a Uniform , I don’t need to be in some animal hyde dressing with feathers and beads to be equal in Society or dance for the Exec’s in BMO’s Boardroom as drums are banged .

    I remember a small item by Stats Can awhile back where they reported how only 10% of the Blacks in canada were here before 1970.
    If that’s so, how that hell does every black person in canada get the benefits of Diversity quotas because of US slavery when islam was behind the slave trade business and we must now have about 1% of Blacks that were here before 1970.
    That STAT number didn’t say they were Born in canada , it was only that they were legally here pre-1970 to fill out the Census. Are blacks like Palestinians where in 60 years they can still come to Canada and get a Minority status as an oppressed group because the US slavery????
    I don’t get it for how Wynne and Tory have bowed to the BLM terrorists when the Head of it is a refugee from Kenya and it’s a bit rich for her to align with the Hijab wearing islamists when Kenya has just started building their 400+ mile ( 650 klm ) Wall on the Somalia border to keep out muslims.
    She flees to canada because of Al Shebaab terrorism and sharia threats but now embraces the same islam that wanted her DEAD back home????

  • Barrington Minge

    “black”, “white”, “brown”, “pink” or Sky blue green….I DON’T CARE!!!!