Asking cab drivers to learn English is racist, court told

Uber has argued that asking drivers to take basic English tests in reading and writing is ‘indirectly racist’.

The transport app is challenging new rules being proposed by Transport for London (TfL) in the High Court including basic English exams.

TfL is arguing that the new requirements, which also include new call centre facilities and insurance demands, are necessary for customer safety and public protection.

However, Uber London Ltd has disagreed stating in all the time that private hire vehicle drivers have been operating there was no evidence that restricted written English had led to problems.

Tom de la Mare QC highlighted the case studies of three drivers, including Hungarian Sandor Balogh and Bulgarian Nikolay Dimitrov.

It’s understandable, what with there being no unemployment among the native British. And I certainly can’t imagine a scenario in which communicating with a cab driver might be necessary.