Asking cab drivers to learn English is racist, court told

Uber has argued that asking drivers to take basic English tests in reading and writing is ‘indirectly racist’.

The transport app is challenging new rules being proposed by Transport for London (TfL) in the High Court including basic English exams.

TfL is arguing that the new requirements, which also include new call centre facilities and insurance demands, are necessary for customer safety and public protection.

However, Uber London Ltd has disagreed stating in all the time that private hire vehicle drivers have been operating there was no evidence that restricted written English had led to problems.

Tom de la Mare QC highlighted the case studies of three drivers, including Hungarian Sandor Balogh and Bulgarian Nikolay Dimitrov.

It’s understandable, what with there being no unemployment among the native British. And I certainly can’t imagine a scenario in which communicating with a cab driver might be necessary.

  • The Butterfly

    Is the Uber HR department looking to suicide the company in the name of diversity?

  • How about driving tests? Are those racist too? No driver’s license? Nooo Problemo!

    • Gary

      Justin is going to get rid of an English test for Chidduhzenchips .

  • Gary

    Lets not forget that asking Muslims and Blacks to obey our Laws is also racist .
    We have to lower the Moral bar so they can fit in… what is they beat their wife , deal in drugs , do honour killings , riot collect welfare and so on.
    Toronto’s mayor needs those Mosque visits to look oh so tolerant even if the Imams call for killing all the jews and non-muslims in Canada.

    Premier Wynne defends islam even after a devout follower slaughtered 49 gays in Orlando on June 12th 2016…she was at the June 14th Vigil to denounce islamophobia because what difference ta this point does it make for 49 less queers on Earth when i need the 2018 Muslim vote.

  • simus1

    Getting “The Knowledge” into your head to successfully pass the practical and theory portions of the London cab driver test once took many months of very intense effort. Suppose standards have since slipped a bit with all the new SatNav gadgets now available.

    • tom_billesley

      The requirements for private hire drivers had already been watered down.

      TfL [Transport for London] originally mooted the idea of capping the number of private hire vehicles and enforcing a Knowledge-like test (like drivers of London’s iconic black cabs must pass) to improve driver understanding of the city, but those plans were scrapped in favour of an English language test and a push for better customer support and vehicle insurance.

      Uber objected all the way to the High Court but all it achieved was the extension of the requirement to prove English language ability to all drivers and not just those from predominantly non-English speaking countries. The test taken by those without a UK school certificate is said to be at the level expected of 9 to 11-year-old school pupils.

      • Those London cab tests are incredible. I assume all the cab-drivers in London must be Mensa members.

        • tom_billesley

          London taxi driver Fred Housego won a “Mastermind” TV quiz in 1980 and went on to be a radio and TV celebrity.