The Vanguard That Rocks The Cradle

The Gramscian “March through the Institutions” has, at its forefront—nay, it’s vanguard—the educational establishment, which for well over a century has been twisted by tyranny and mutation until it makes anything the Soviet Union came up with seem downright “reactionary”.

  • Minicapt

    Visiting my old school …


    • That’s nothing. In my old school we used to play “conkers” with chestnuts on a string (I had some really fine “kingers”).

      But I’ve heard some schools these days have banned conkers, citing safety concerns and “nut allergies”. Thank goodness Educators today are replacing all those dangerous children’s games with drugs, sex, political militancy, and violence. Honestly folks, where would we be today without fascist Progressive guidance to lead us into the pit of Hell?

  • Slickfoot

    Great photo, rural Americana circa 1940… or so.

  • Exile1981

    My elementary school had a forest beside it (old growth and very swampy) we spent years every break building paths and log cabins and other buildings in the woods till we had a small village and it was great fun. It lasted till the last year I was in the school when the new vice principal took it on himself to go in one weekend to the woods and destroy everything. He claimed it was for our safety. Bastard took a chainsaw and cut up every log and every structure and hauled them home for his fireplace.