Terrorism Is Not The Only Reason To Be Skeptical Of Muslim Immigration

“Not a terrorist” cannot be our standard for potential immigrants. We need to talk about the mores, customs, and beliefs that characterize migrant groups.

When we debate Muslim immigration—as we are again, as President Trump prepares to re-instate a revised travel ban—we mostly think about terrorism. This is a mistake, in part because it can border on fearmongering. Very few Muslims are terrorists, and the proposed restrictions are not well-tailored to stopping terrorists.

But fundamentally, it is a mistake because of what it ignores. Focusing only on terrorism—rather than on the beliefs, habits, and mores of potential immigrants—creates a false dichotomy, in which the opposite of “terrorist” is “moderate.”

  • Watchman

    One of the reasons Osama bin Laden was disliked by many ‘moderate’ muslims already emigrated to the West: the ‘Fast Jihad’ drew attention to the muslim community already successfully engaged in the ‘Slow Jihad’: demographic infiltration and gradual takeover of the West.

  • Dana Garcia

    The whole package is barbaric — polygamy, honor killing, women as slaves, infidels as lesser beings etc ad nauseum.

    Meanwhile, there are nice immigrants, like Christians, Jews and Buddhists — if more immigration is really necessary (which it isn’t).

    • bob e

      one of the great abrahamic religions ..

  • Alain

    It is first imperative to declassify Islam as a religion, and classify it as it right is: a supremacist political ideology, virtually a twin of communism. Communism, nazism and other totalitarian ideologies were never considered religions, but if Islam is a religion in the understood sense then so are communism and nazism. Islam is and will always be incompatible with any form of democracy; something even the Muslims make clear.

    • Dana Garcia

      Yes, if Hitler were to reappear today, he would have refashioned National Socialism into the Odin-ism faith with 5x daily nordic chants to the powerful lord of the universe — All Hail, Odin!

    • Alternatively, more precisely re-define freedom of religion as freedom to worship and pursue spiritual salvation, but not as freedom to impose one’s values on others, not even on people born within that religion. Islam forbids those born in it to leave it, forces women to submit to men, etc., not to mention wants to force non-Muslims to become Muslims, etc. – such specific aspects of the Muslim religion can be made explicitly illegal and severely repressed by governments. In that case, Muslims who do not submit to such restrictions on their so-called religion would be regarded as outlaws, without this affecting the freedom of religion principle per se.

  • bob e

    good thinkin’ boss .. plus what it does to your brain when
    U encounter a rotund 5’3″scuzzlima in a hijab ..

  • Bataviawillem

    Not a terrorist, does not make a good migrant.
    There has been hardly any terror attack of significance in the netherlands but all the larger cities are unpleasant due to “youths”, especially for women.

  • Barrington Minge

    Why the picture of a trash bag?