Gay Dutchman pleads for Prime Minister’s protection against Muslims

“Dear Prime-Minister,

Allowing different cultures into the Netherlands is fine, but not at our own expense. I am openly gay, and I sense that this is an issue in the Netherlands.

I have had nasty experiences in this neighbourhood. Those experiences amount to discrimination, verbal abuse and getting beaten up twice.

To a large degree, this is caused by integration and immigration. Islam is quite intolerant towards homosexuals. You really sense this when you live in a multicultural neighbourhood. In regard to this matter, integration has clearly failed.

I hear and read that teachers are no longer able to openly teach about homosexuality and the holocaust in their classrooms, because of a certain ideology Islam adheres to. This makes me wonder: are we still in control of our own country?

Especially as a homosexual man, this applies to me. Will I still be able to be openly gay? Or do I have to go back in the closet? And that is something I’m really worried about.

Dear Prime-Minister, will you defend Dutch tolerance and values?”