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Canadian schools worried over how foreign-born students will be treated at border

Schools across Canada are grappling with the uncertainty of U.S. travel restrictions and how upcoming student trips across the border might be affected.

Conservative Commentator Gives Advice On Piercing The Liberal Mind

Bill Whittle is one of the most effective conservative speakers in America, and although he did not speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), The Daily Caller News Foundation pigeon-holed the star for an interview.

Whittle gave advice on how to pierce liberal mindlessness during the exclusive interview. He likes to first “get them out of their trenches,” by seeing if there is something we can agree on. Then, he helps them see his own reasonableness. Lastly, while regaling us with a couple of entertaining anecdotes, he demonstrates that their behavior is more conservative than they realize, using effective humor when possible.

CSULB compiling data on students’ sexual orientations

California State University-Long Beach is inviting students to divulge their nontraditional sexual orientations and gender identities so it can share the statistics with state lawmakers and the general public.

A new three-question survey provides suggested responses, such as “pansexual,” “asexual,” and “gender non-conforming,” but also allows them to decline, say they are “not sure,” or fill in their own descriptor.

Majority Finds Media Coverage Of Trump Is “Too Critical, Exaggerated”

Three weeks after a poll found that the Trump administration was seen as more “truthful” than the news media, a new WSJ/NBC News poll has found that according to a majority of Americans, the media’s coverage of President Donald Trump has been too critical, although the margin is narrow and the split is once again largely down party lines. While 51% rate the media as too critical of Trump since the presidential election, 41% say the coverage has been fair and objective, while 6% say the media hasn’t been critical enough.

Furthermore, a majority of those polled, some 53%, also believes that the news media have exaggerated problems in the Trump administration. 45% say that is not the case.

German Intelligence Warns of Massive Increase in Islamists

Since 2013, the number of Islamists has skyrocketed from a mere 100 or so to over 1,600 currently. Chief of the BfV, Hans-Georg Maassen, said the number is increasing more and more every month. Mr Maassen described the current situation saying: “We receive between two and four credible tips on planned terrorist activity in Germany each day,” and added, “We have to recognise that we are living in a different situation now than was normal.”

Democrats Pick Establishment Leader To Head Up The Party. Here Are 7 Things You Need To Know.

On Saturday, Hillary Clinton’s wing of the Democratic Party won yet another rigged election over the Bernie Sanders wing of the party with the selection of Thomas Perez, former Obama Labor Secretary, to head the Democratic National Convention. Many of the more radical Democrats were quite upset with Perez’s selection, hoping for a militant move to the left.

Climate change predicted to transform Vancouver into San Diego, but at a heavy cost

Frost and ice will become virtually a thing of the past, heating bills will drop, and farm crops will flourish virtually year-round in the Fraser Valley.

Censorship concerns as European Parliament introduces ‘kill switch’ to cut racist speeches

MEPs granted the parliament’s president authority to pull the plug on live broadcasts of parliamentary debate in cases of racist speech or acts and to purge offending video or audio material from the online system.

Critics say the rules are vaguely worded and could be manipulated or used as a tool of censorship.

This Is Why the NY Times Is Fake News, Dangerous Fake News

The New York Times published an article on Friday titled, Trump’s Blistering Speech at CPAC Follows Bannon’s Blueprint. The only thing blistering was the massive lie perpetrated by the NY Times. Trump’s speech would have been blistering if it actually said what the NY Times claimed it said.

City News promotes ‘peaceful’ message of Toronto ‘pro mujahideen’ mosque

Masjid Toronto mosque in downtown Toronto held on Saturday, February 25, 2017, an open house. The Youth Team at the mosque, which is affiliated with the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), invited Canadians “to explore the mysteries behind ours doors… discover how a bank building became a place of worship [and] learn about our community, history and culture.”