Why the EU can’t make sense of the world and why its downfall is imminent

At its core, what is the EU? And why, despite its vast resources, does it seem perpetually unable to make sense of the world and meet its objectives? The two answers lie hidden in the EU’s very DNA.

First, there’s the EU’s primary internal contradiction: EU federalism is an ideology that propagates post-ideologism; a culturally amorphous post-ideological world.

  • huron

    Justin t has a nice as . And i am not wearing any pants ha ha

  • felis gracilis

    BCF’s photo accompanying this post looks like Justin in one of his many costumes. With an E-U flag backdrop, he sings passionately to the adoring crowd of migrants and embedded terrorists. Very symbolically appropriate.

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      Justin drop the beard.The dress is peeeeerfect

  • Frances

    The article invoked the rape of the Sabine women. So here’s the song about the same from “Seven Brides for Seven Women”


  • WalterBannon

    At its core, what is the EU?

    The Fourth Reich

    • huron

      So true we have lost history schools are uselesss

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    We can’t worry about people swatting away life preservers in a flood. Good luck, dudes, or whatever.