Tensions build in Emerson, Man. amid more illegal border crossings

Tensions flared as Liberal MPs visited the small border town of Emerson, Man. to address concerns about the steady stream of asylum seekers crossing the nearby U.S.-Canada border and entering the community.

  • felis gracilis

    Falcon-Ouellette and Mihychuk ready on the scene to do their share of Liberal virtue-signalling.

    Whatever happened to the normal stance of strong, confident countries being invaded? That is: you’re illegal; we find you; we send you back pronto.

    • Exile1981

      I’d settle for publicly executing the 1st ones and then allowing citizens to shoot any who try and cross after that. It will discourage any planning on invading after that.

  • But people voted for this, so…

    The Somalis will be a new voters block. Very few of them – if at all – will be sent away.

  • LairdKintyre

    I say deal with it as Canada dealt with invasions in 1812. Many times back then farmers repeled the invaders with grapeshot muskets. Time to step up Trudeau, be the Prime minister Canada deserves. Stand with Trump as free North Americans and get these people back where they belong. We can’t have big beautiful doors without first having some big beautiful walls.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Turdeau is the pm Canerduh deserves. They were stupid enuff to elect him. We’re screwed.

      • LairdKintyre

        I never voted for him. I did all I could in social media to fight against his campaign. Regrettably he won. Still I am man enough to call him the Prime Minister unlike those Leftists south of the border in ref to Trump.

  • simus1

    This is just some marxist street theatre to distract the leftist yokels and enable Shiny Pony to skate around the first safe country rule (for tossing fake refugees back to the shit holes whence they came).

    • LairdKintyre

      Trudope got it easy. Most Canadians don’t look to Europe over the last 25 years and see what similar policies did to those countries. If this kind of flagrant invasion keeps up by people with no stake in Canada’s future or shared values other than “”Money and how much they can take from us”” how long will it be before we start being attacked the way the real Europeans are now being attacked by migrants. The Ottawa Cenetaph and West Edmonton Mall and the school assaults in Ontario and nova Scotia are just the tip of the iceberg.

      • huron

        Retain power at any cost (liberal epiphet)

  • huron

    Who is this emerson man and why are people crossing him?

  • PaxCan

    We need to repeal the Singh decision via the notwithstanding clause in the Charter. It’s the root of this problem.

    It allows anyone arriving from anywhere, even safe countries, to make an asylum claim in Canada so long as they have one foot in Canadian territory. As long as the Singh decision is allowed to stand we will never rid ourselves of this abuse of our charity.