Sheik, rabble and brawl at Preston mosque

Vicious infighting threatens to tear apart the congregation of one of Melbourne’s largest mosques, amid claims that millions of dollars of donations have disappeared and accusations that a sheikh had behaved inappropriately with women.

Why in hell is our government supporting this cult?

h/t Marvin

  • LairdKintyre

    A sheik behaved inappropriately with women? What did he do? Hold open a door and tip his hat and call them “”maam””? Or did he do something really extremist and preach a sermon saying they are equal to men?

    • CoolTolerance

      He looked at her.

    • The Horror!

    • Alain

      Well, I don’t know as I wasn’t there, but it could have been some sort of sexual emergency. I understand that it a common thing with Muslim males.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “Why in hell is our government supporting this cult?”
    Vote whoring.

    • John Boy

      Because they multiply like rabbits and don’t care about whether they vote illegally they are sought after by almost all politicians as a voting block that can get them elected, just like they got Justin Trudeau and his Umma Cabinet elected.

  • simus1

    What? What?
    Muslimism is politics. Third world politics is usually as crooked as a god’s hind leg.

    • Alain

      Already imported into Canada based on the last federal election. I am talking about 3rd world politics, not limited to Muslims here.

  • mobuyus

    This is what justin wants for Canada. These are justin’s real constituancy whether he likes it or not.

    • Justin loves Islam

      • mobuyus

        Alas an unrequited love as always with islam and it’s islamophiles.

    • Gary

      Don’t absolve the Sikh’s in Canada. We saw 260 Canadians slaughtered by 2 Sikh terrorists from out West which the Liberals whitewashed on the Altar of Multiculturalism . The Plaques across Canada and outside it were purged of any link to Sikh terrorists.
      Back around 1990 there was a Sikh temple near St.Clair & old Weston rd in West Toronto that had internal fights for power because of changes in their homeland Temples.
      The police were called in when fights were taken outside because these peaceful people were using those innocent symbolic sword to swing at each other.
      No big shock that no arrests were made because Politicians wanted to keep the peace at had the Police stand-down and just keep them apart. This wasn’t a one-time event .

      Now, the flavour of the month is islam and even though 34,000,000 Canadian welcomed in Muslims that have special Rights, Job Quotas, refugee status , mosques in Public school, Niqab Rights , sharia Zones and more …’s a 1-way street where no matter how many non-muslims , or muslims, they murder or rape it has NOTHING to do with Islam. But as soon as they feel hurt from any perceived slight or a Muslim is killed by a non-muslim or Cop…… they paint the whole Nation as racists at war with islam and they want REVENGE because islam isn’t about Tolerance and Forgiving people.
      Toronto Imams are free to call for killing jews , Jihad in Canada to kill all the unbelievers, plus claim it for islam as a caliphate ( which Imam Rockwell said on a Radio show a couple of years back when he also said he supported ISIS , al Shaab , Hamas , boko Haram and Hezballah) .

      We even have John Tory and Premier Wynne supporting that Mosque where the Imam is in a video claimng for killing jew and destroying Canada. Wynne and Tory now how many voted there are from the Muslims and now they just ignore Canada’s laws and toss out the islamophobe label to anyone opposing the jihad for muslims to take over Canada and impose sharia.
      David Miller was no different, as well as the Police Chief that’s now in Justin’s Cabinet. Which explains why Toronto was tough on pro-Life people but went easy on child-abuse by muslims and gays plus let teens smoke pot in public.

      Islam will bring Sweden here, this means that Tory , Trudeau and Wynne won’t raise a finger when Jews are pushed out of Toronto by violent mobs of allah’s followers and their temples are fire bombed .
      The BLM terrorists already have these two stooges in their back pocket and are free to call for the killing of whites and non-muslims . John Tory even gave the BLM terrorist a Peace Award for community service.

      ** Try to find the link to sikh terrorists in the plaque photo below

      • mobuyus

        I do not absolve Sikh terrorists. My neighbour’s husband was killed in this “Air Disaster”. Trudeau has never met a terrorist he hasn’t fawned all over in a fellatiotic frenzy of gonad guzzling . Having said that I am aware that Sikh terrorism wants a homeland(khalistan) in India. I am also very aware that islam sets it’s sights globally. In this Sikhs may be an ally of ours as they have been in the past, they do not dream of anything more than khalistan.

        • Gary

          So why did 2 of them slaughter Canadians of which a large number were children ????

          I’ve had issues in the past over my Aboriginal background for the way I been treated in Canada…but I didn’t plant bombs of 3 Planes to kill civilians .

          • mobuyus

            Not all Sikhs are terrorists. If your Grand Father faught in WW1( as many Aboriginals did as well as my Grand Father) he would have seen thousands and thousands of Royal Bengal Lancers wearing the same British uniform he was wearing. The terrorists were bombing an Air India jet they couldn’t have given a shit who was on it. Their beef was India not Canada. When you say you are of Aboriginal back ground is that in the mould of Joeseph Boyden? A hand full of Sikhs murdered many Canadians many years ago. It’s muslims murdering every day every where now. You might want to put your focus on that and not waste it on Sikhs.

  • Slickfoot

    I wish these savages would learn the proper way to hold a cellphone while recording a brawl.

  • Watchman

    So, another case of islamophobia: muslims being criticised for their traditional cultural activities?