Lawrence Solomon: Canada’s one of NATO’s biggest deadbeats, but with Trump, we won’t get away with it anymore

NATO is the world’s most important military alliance, a noble one-for-all and all-for one pact among 28 countries of the free world that has kept Russia and other bad actors at bay in the postwar era.

All member countries, rich and poor, committed to contributing their share to maintain NATO’s potency, but most of the 28 are laggards and a handful are deadbeats, contributing a pittance to their international responsibilities. Canada is one of those deadbeats, a particular embarrassment given that Canada is an affluent country and a founder of NATO.

  • ontario john

    Rumour has it that recruiting standards require 20 per cent be muslim, 80 per cent be women, and all must be graduates from the Ryerson School of Social Work. I’m glad I retired.

    • That sounds about right.

    • New Centurion

      That’s just the requirements for officers.

  • felis gracilis

    We’re already taxed to the max so where do we get the additional $20 million we need to be seen to be pulling our weight. Tell us Junior, which of your many “progressive” programs are you going to pull the plug on so we can have a military worthy of the illusions you are spinning? Or will you just up the deficit? More likely we’ll just continue to let the forces languish so we can continue to show off our “sunny ways”.

    • Inflation, man!

    • New Centurion

      Hey they invented the climate change “crisis” you haven’t seen the beginning of the kind of money they’ll be able to milk out that cow.

  • If one is going to extol the virtues of NATO (and not that dreadful “peace-keeping” which does nothing but raise the Rwandan death toll), then fork over the cash and prove it how great it can be.

    • Watchman

      Come on, the UN had had a huge impact on people in war-torn lands! Without the UN, there would be dozens, if not thousands of men and women who would have never experienced the benefits of childhood sexual molestation at the hands of blue-helmeted UN troops.

      In return, many of these peacekeepers gain from their sexual experiences with young people of a different culture and nationality, an opportunity that they never would have had were they to have remained in their home country.


  • G

    You can bet with the next 2 or three federal budgets the military budget will be quietly increased step by step.

    If anyone questions it the Trudeau compliant news media will gush about how the “tough and gutsy” Trudeau is “realistically taking steps to protect Canada in an uncertain world”. No mention, of course, that Trump was getting tough with deadbeat NATO members.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Screw OFF!! Our Justin says we contribute MORE than just money.

    • Yea we do Parkas and peacekeeping with the UN rape squads!

      • Frances

        Not to mention the hard work of the men and women on active duty in the armed forces who are having to cope with obsolete equipment, inadequate training, and disrespect from the governing party.

  • LairdKintyre

    Time to man up Trudope. You are dealing with a Man in the White House now not a SJW bent on hobbling the USA. Time to Man Up and do your part supporting out NATO allies. If you won’t do it being a committed Feminist then perhaps you should let someone more of an Alpha do the job. Say like Kellie Leitch.

  • Flyboy

    Canada pulled its weight in NATO up until Trudeau’s ascention to power in1968. That’s when all hell broke loose with unification and an attempt to withdraw from NATO – check the historical record. We’ve been deadbeats ever since and living off the reputation of good men and women who served admirably with little support from their government or their politically minded military leaders. Canadians really need to think about what their priorities are – security or the globalist pap that their betters are serving them.

  • Clausewitz

    So where did all that money from the Peace Dividend go? Just asking. Enquiring minds want to know.

    • mauser 98

      pissed…gubmint…looooonnngg lunches

  • FactsWillOut

    NATO should have been abolished after the fall of the Warsaw Pact.
    NATO is now just the military wing of the western globalists.

  • simus1

    When you watch stuff from al-bab on Youtube and see what cheap rockets can do to top of the line Leopards, Abrams, and T-90’s, there is plenty of R & D needed yesterday to get out from under sending people to fight in death traps.

    • FactsWillOut

      It is impossible to defend vehicles from IED’s.
      No amount of research and/or spending can protect a vehicle from an IED.
      The philosophy behind IED’s is very simple: If 10 pounds of high explosive wont kill the occupants, try 50 pounds, or 100, or 500…

  • New Centurion

    Yah but we’re “Punching above our weight”.

    Canada is in the fly weight division and we can’t “punch” in this division, let alone above it. The fact is we couldn’t “punch” our way out of a wet paper bag,

    We’re freeloaders and everyone knows it.

    • FactsWillOut

      That, and the couple of wars we fought in, our troops helped the enemy, ie Islam.

    • favill

      Canada doesn’t even have a (military) division.

  • Maggat

    Love those dopers eyes. That butthead look like he just finished a couple of doobies.

    • High as a kite.

      • Maggat

        And, as dumb as a sack of hammers with broken handles.

  • mauser 98