Inside the mysterious removal of the Canadian military’s second-in-command

On the morning of Monday, Jan. 9, four unmarked police cars arrived at Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s modest home in the Ottawa suburb of Orléans.

Norman, the second-highest-ranking officer in the Canadian military, was standing in the driveway, about to take his wife to work. The plainclothes RCMP officers asked Norman to go back into the house, and for the next five to six hours they interrogated the vice-admiral, seizing his computers and cellphones.

  • andycanuck

    He had to be stopped. He wasn’t accepting bribes from Red China.

  • canminuteman

    “The Canadian public had not been given accurate information about the growing price of the surface combatants, he told then-CBC journalist James Cudmore in an interview (Cudmore is now an adviser to defence minister Harjit Sajjan).”

    Imagine that! an ex CBC “journalist” is advisor to the MND. Next thing you know he will be Governor General.

    I suspect that something was going to be made public that would have embarrassed the government, and this was the easiest way to cover it up.

    Canadian military contracting has been a disaster since forever. We like to design and build our own systems (which isn’t necessarily wrong) but the military doesn’t have clear goals or stable long term funding. Also every other government agency likes to use the defence budget as a political slush fund for spending on favours.

    His lawyer’s name sounds familiar. Is Mary Henein the lawyer who represented Jian Ghomeshi?

    • Martin B

      Yes she is.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Probably for the same reason that in 8 years of Obama he gutted the senior ranks with an unprecedented quantity of firings for various reasons, typically having to do with sexual relations or as the armed forces calls it ‘zipper’ control. But when examined broadly it turned out to be a political witch hunt to replace the senior ranks with pliant yes men (and women) and flunkies. Similarly, in Turkey, Erdogan did this to get rid of competence and replace it with Islam. His final move was to fake an attempted ‘coup’ giving him an excuse to fire 30,000 senior officers, bureaucrats and judges.

  • WalterBannon

    “a move Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau say they fully support”

    anything these two treasonous scumbags support is sure to be bad for Canada