The tabs, JFK and Marilyn’s unborn baby, and how the abortion issue is changing

From the National Enquirer,

JFK and Marilyn’s UNBORN BABY

Only the new issue of The National ENQUIRER, on newsstands now, can reveal the tragic story behind the lost images, with the blonde bombshell forced to abort her unborn child during the 1960 presidential campaign! More.

Reality check:  Believe what you want about the claim (hardly new). But look how the child, who may have actually existed after all, is positioned in this story, as a human being. The tabloid does not seem very concerned with protecting its readers from confronting that.

Ultrasound? The fact that, with euthanasia expanding, we are all “the fetus” now?

Forty years ago, it was not like this. Here is how the parties to the abortion were understood in a scandal described in the 1970s:

Rep. Wilbur Mills (D. AK), one of the most powerful men in Congress as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, was discovered having a spat with a woman near the Potomac River’s tidal basin by the Jefferson Memorial on October 9, 1974, and when police approached the couple, the woman jumped into the water. The woman, Mrs. Annabel Battistella, was better known as Fanne Fox, a stripper at Washington’s Silver Slipper club. Soon the public learned that Mills had been having a relationship with the stripper since 1973, and he was so taken with her that he wanted to buy the Silver Slipper. Mills was reelected in 1974, and a few weeks later appeared on a Boston stage in pursuit of Mrs. Battistella, whose earnings had jumped from $600 a week to $3000 a week as “The Tidal Basin Bombshell.” Mills quickly became the brunt of jokes, and was hospitalized to deal with his alcoholism. House Democrats caucused and took away his chairmanship. In 1976, Mills announced he would not seek another term, and retired, after 38 years in Congress. In retirement, Mills explained that he had thought he had a brain tumor, and was trying to kill himself with liquor. Mrs. Battistella penned an autobiography, The Congressman and the Stripper, which alleged that when she discovered she was pregnant with Mills’s child, she had an abortion, fearing the baby would be malformed because of Mills’s alcoholism.

It was widely reported that Fox had had an abortion, as I recall, but there was no sympathy even suggested for the baby.

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