Starbucks’ ‘Brand Perception’ Takes A Massive Hit After Announcing Plans To Hire 10,000 Refugees

Schultz quickly found out the hard way that while most adult-aged Americans can agree that they like coffee, roughly 50% disagree with his leftist political opinions.

  • DaninVan

    Keeping this real; it’s not necessarily the latte crowd that’s dumping Starbucks, it’s the stock trading end of the stick (that’s doing this). The Pension funds, Mutual funds, and Brokerages. For some reason I thought they supported the Obama/Clinton pov?
    I wonder if Soros took a hit?

  • reidjr

    The funny thing is it would hurt blacks the most.

  • Clink9

    They’re known as dirty buggers in Toronto. The food bank wont take stuff from them .

  • Blacksmith

    I avoid that burnt coffee brand like the plague, but I love seeing them taking a dive in popularity due to their leftist stupidity.

  • Oracle9

    More than one big company is lurching leftwards. A voluntary Darwinian solution to an over-represented market isn’t such a bad thing.

  • Gary

    Starbuck was the 1st mate on the Piquod under Captain Ahab that got 29 of his crew killed when he became obsessed with killing the whale he said was Moby Dick.

    In today’s remake, Sgt.Schultz is the captain of the ship Starbuck where he’s obsessed with hunting down Trump to kill his Election win but get thousands killed with him . So the Trump supporters ram the SS Starbuck that they saw set sail from Nantucket and now said FU*K-it .

    The Starbuck was full of the alofty but we don’t t have to buy their coffee.

    The opening line in the remake of Moby Dick is ” Call me Stupid ” .