I shared garlic naan with people who would later become major figures in Isis – this is what I learnt

It’s a peculiar feeling when you recognise someone you know on your television screen. You rifle through unimportant events archived in the back of your mind, trying to put a name to a face.

Around a year ago, I had this very experience as I watched the Isis executioner dubbed Jihadi John’s replacement unveiled as the UK national Abu Rumaysah. This man was said to appear in a gruesome video where, at the end, he addressed the camera and promised to wreak havoc on the West. It was at this point my mind clicked, and the name was connected to a face.

Said face belonged to a struggling bouncy castle salesman whom I once shared a garlic naan with in the dingy basement of a restaurant in Leyton – the same Abu Rumaysah now flexing his (frankly lacking) oratorical muscles on the six o’clock news.