Evangelical Christian preachers who shouted slogans about Mohammed and Allah face religious abuse trial

This is the moment police arrested a group of street preachers including a British army major after they shouted ‘Mohammed is a liar’ and ‘Allah is the greatest deceiver’.

An angry mob of around 150 people surrounded the men in Broadmead, Bristol after they told onlookers that being gay was ‘immoral’ on July 6 last year.

The three devoted Christians were using microphones and holding up placards before police intervened and arrested the men to cheers from onlookers.

  • Mo is a blasphemous false prophet – allah (inch allah) is the ‘best of deceivers’.

    • It’s in the Korean.

      In order for this not to be exploited, the Koran will have to be banned.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    How long was Anjem Choudary allowed to continue?
    Twenty years?
    The U.K. is an anarcho-tyranny state.

  • occupant 9

    Perhaps it’s time some enterprising and alert lawyer will pursue the argument that Islam is actually not a “religion” but more of a military enterprise in the way Islam does actively seek to physically destroy all other faith groups, no matter the angle?

    Is it religious by definition, our definition, to curse all others while asking for tangible, not spiritual “victory” over all others in order to “humiliate” and “subdue”? Are these valid and legal religious goals according to western civilization’s legal framework, culture and customs?

  • V10_Rob

    If we pass blasphemy laws, does that mean too cool anti-Christian bigots also get the gears? No?

    Just checking.

  • Gary

    At least the Police prove that Muslims are so prone to riots and terrorism that they prefer to arrest the Peaceful resistor of islamofascism.
    It’s the same in Toronto because the hate-Mosque calling for killing the 35 million Canadian non-muslims and all the jews now has Police protection and the useful idiots forming a Ring of peace to protect the mosque as well.

    The CBC and Liberals have been played for suckers ever since 9/11 by the Imams and islamists.

    People are catching on to the charade because
    that Imam didn’t make a mistake…..he was reading from the QURAN as do 99% of the mosques in canada that curse us behind closed doors but smile to our face.