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Spike in hate crimes likely linked to Trump’s win, NYPD says

In written evidence submitted to the inquiry, Thom Brooks, professor of law and government, says a “Hate Crime Offenders Register” would list those guilty of racist abuse or assault. Such an approach would send a “clear signal” about the severity of such offences, he said.

“Given increasing concern about hate crimes, there may be scope for parliament to consider establishing a Hate Crime Offenders Register along the lines of the Sex Offenders Register – and to similar effect.

Savages Of Stockholm

Europe has many fine traditions. Its newest tradition is the burning car. Why burn cars? Because, as George Mallory once said of mountains, they’re there. There are lots of cars around and if you’re a member of a perpetually unemployed tribe that wandered up north and forages on social services, you might as well do something to pass the time.

Why therapists are having such a hard time talking about Trump

In her 35 years as a therapist, Arlene Drake has never heard so many clients talking about the same issue. Week after week, they complain of panic attacks and insomnia because of President Trump. They’re too anxious to concentrate at work. One woman’s fear turned into intense, physical pain.

“It’s just a nightmare,” said Drake, who practices in West L.A.

Drake was trained not to reveal her personal beliefs, but now will agree with clients if they say they don’t support Trump.

“If this were just another session, if this weren’t such a big thing, if this weren’t so evil, I wouldn’t,” she said. “But I have to stand for what I stand for and that does cross over into politics.”

Liberal politics trump professional ethics.

Canada: Fredericton, NB aiming to become a “sanctuary city”

“What it theoretically means is we’re an open city for any refugee, undocumented refugee that hasn’t got citizenship status,” Mayor Mike O’Brien said Wednesday.

Switzerland Produces Nigerian TV Series To Tell Migrants Not To Come

The series, called Missing Steps, helmed by well-known Nigerian actor and director Charles Okafor, tells the story of a 20-something university-educated protagonist. He gets into debt and flees to the landlocked European state to solve his financial problems, with the help of traffickers.

But he is denied asylum by the Swiss authorities, and deported to his own country — poor, isolated and unhappy.

French Voters Call On Obama To Run For President To “Give French People Hope”

As French voters look set to make a massive swing to the right in their upcoming presidential election (see our notes on the topic here and here), a group of frightened liberal protesters have decided to back a relatively surprising, if impossible, presidential candidate in 2017, Barack Obama.

And, lest you thing this is a joke, a quick walk around Paris even reveals campaign posters for “Obama17” plastered all around the city.

Healing from Toxic Whiteness: The woman behind a course helping white people tackling internalised racism

When the President of the United States is tweeting his internal monologue, decades-old political unions are coming apart at the seams, and no one can quite predict what norm is going to be flung out the window next – trying to make a positive change can feel as useful as moving deck chairs on the Titanic.

But Sandra Kim, the US-based founder of the Everyday Feminism website, thinks she has the answer (sort of) with her course Healing from Toxic Whiteness. And in these tumultuous times, she suggests the course is more vital than ever.

George Soros Denies He Is Funding Townhall Protests

In response to reports of the coincidental geographical location to one of George Soros’ largest funded activist groups, the Democratic mega-donor has felt it necessary to make a statement denying he is funding protests at GOP lawmakers’ town hall meetings.

As we noted yesterday, Jimmy Dahman, a former field organizer for the Clinton campaign in Iowa, founded the Town Hall Project. Dahman claimed on CNN that the town hall events are “all organic and happening at the grassroots level.”

Quebec opens door for public debate on expanding end-of-life law to Alzheimer’s disease

Without making any commitment, Health Minister Gaétan Barrette opened the door on Thursday for a public debate after calls by the two main opposition parties, the Parti Québécois and the Coalition avenir Québec.

The cape didn’t help.