Conrad Black: Parliament can’t simply demand people feel good about Islam

“…The principal role in strengthening the prestige of the Muslim world will have to be played by the secular and clerical leaders of Islam to enable the other four-fifths of the world to distinguish more easily between the violent fanatics and their fellow travellers and the reasonable majority of Muslims, and to discourage and punish acts of criminal violence against non-Muslim minorities in their midst. The Coptic minority in Egypt, much larger than the Muslim minority in any Western country, and the Christians in Syria and Iraq, have been treated with disgusting brutality and it has scarcely elicited an audible reproof from the civil and ecclesiastical leaders of Islam”

  • ismiselemeas

    Black wavered a bit in his tone trying to play down the separation of church and state as being hysterical and also saying that christians generally have the upper hand in debates with atheists (which is frankly laughable) but on the whole it was a well written opinion piece. The negative side to the article is that because he’s arguing from a christian point of view it can be misconstrued as being anti islamic. He would have done better to have kept his christian sentiments in his undies and allowed the stupidity of the debate to unfold naturally.

  • Linda1000
    • Uncommunist

      Gold !

  • Linda1000
  • occupant 9

    Just from the paragraph excerpt above it is clear that Mr Black, and nearly every public figure, is irrelevantly measuring Islam by western standards of common sense and perhaps even the Golden Rule.

    It is my hope that Mr Black really learns about Islam then accepts that Mo promoted the very opposite of the Golden Rule and promoted zero theological or cultural common sense. Perhaps he’ll see the terrible mistake/treasonous betrayal of *any* western nation allowing Islam to gain a foothold with their mysteriously silent “moderate majority” and after more than 30,000 (!) acts of Islamic terror since 911, we’re still begging, prodding and preening to hear something from them.

    We’re being played while being replaced; the difficult work of nation building has been devalued before our eyes and the land our ancestors made safe and productive is now given away to the dangerous-to-us, by the commands of their theology.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I used to think Black was a conservative with a measured grasp of reality.
      But, he’s not, really.
      Years ago I never thought my conservatism would eclipse his.
      I’m starting to wonder if he’s got the same disease that took down Spock’s dad.

  • Everyone Else

    Good for Conrad but he makes the common error of thinking only the West or Christianity is the main victim of Islam. Hindus have suffered far more grievously from Islam than us. As a historian he should at least acknowledge the millions dead when Muslims were gerrymandered out of India into Pakistan.

    • occupant 9

      Yes, and along with that acknowledge the pattern of how Islam has gained whatever territory it now holds.

  • WalterBannon

    Islam is evil and muslims who willingly follow it are scumbags

    anyone who defends Islam is scum

  • deplorabledave

    “I do not doubt the virtue of Ms. Khalid and Mr. Majzoub’s motives,”

    I do.

    • That is where he errs.

      How will the dictators measure offense?