When The Brotherhood Becomes The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

How would Americans feel if the New York Times gave Al-Qaeda-affiliate a platform to spread his lies and to have the nerve to claim that he is not a terrorist?

The New York Times allowed Gehad El Hadad, a Muslim Brotherhood member who is accused of inciting violence and murder to write an op-ed full of nothing but blatant lies. Mr El Hadad is describing the Muslim Brotherhood as if it was a peaceful organization innocent from all accusations of terror. He wrote: “We are not terrorists. The Muslim Brotherhood’s philosophy is inspired by an understanding of Islam that emphasizes the values of social justice, equality and the rule of law”.

As an Egyptian, I can say that this was the understanding many Egyptians had for a long time. The Brotherhood always claimed to be the voice of justice and moderation whose only goal was to serve the Egyptians. That’s why many Egyptians voted for Mohamed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood senior member, and he managed to win the presidency on 24 June 2012. But the victory of the Brotherhood in the elections came to uncover their true nature.