Keith Ellison’s Questionable Ties

The Islamist Money in Politics project (IMIP) tracks the political donations of over 1,400 prominent members of known Islamist organizations, such as the terror-supporting Holy Land Foundation and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the American wing of the Pakistani Jamaat e-Islami, which aims to obtain political power and form a global Islamic state. Keith Ellison is the single largest recipient of campaign donations in the IMIP database—having received nearly $200,000 dollars from prominent Islamists over his career.

  • reidjr

    You have to love the alt left Trump should not be the pres as he is seen as anti muslim yet Keith has made some very anti jewish comments in the past but he is fine to lead the party.

    • Shebel

      Islam is the “cause du jour”—– for the scum that live off the taxes that you pay.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Can you picture it? The day Keith X Ellison al Amriki is placed in charge of the DNC he brings out Lord Obama on a flying horse and announces he is the Lord of Earth and he exhorts his followers to rise up and snatch the west for Allah.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Stealth Jihad is becoming less and less stealthy all the time.

  • Shebel
    • Shebel

      I watched this at 5AM . I am still pissed off these intelligent folk.

  • I hope Ellison wins the DNC. It will mean Trump’s re-election is in the bag. As the Democrats become an increasingly violent and law-breaking Party they’re digging their own graves.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    In the words of John Oliver, do it Keith, do it, I’ll write you a cheque.

  • Gary

    If the FBI or RCMP created the dart-Board style investigation for Crimes or Corruption……the Center would have islamists and the MB while the outter rings would have CAIR-Canada , Mosques in canada , plus Sheema Khan for her tied to CAIR USA and the pro-hamas Nihad Awad that she met with in D.C. at a CAIR meeting.
    Once CAIR was tied to funding Hamas even after about 5 members were in Prison for terrorism supporting …Dr.Sheema Khan had the nerve to sue someone and a radio show when a person pointed out the ties for CAIR-Canada.
    Con-Job Khan had then said CAIR-Can had no links to the USA CAIR. Oh really Ms.Khan??? Then why was the CRA application for a Charity Status filled out to claim CAIR USA as the Head Org and CAIR-Can as a Chapter , this was Signed by Sheema Khan .

    CAIR changed its name while Khan jumped ship and later wrote a book and Hockey and Hijabs to look oh so Canadian to keep up her Charade as a Pro-Saudi sunni muslim that crusaded for Sharia in canada in 2005 .

    The photo has Nihad Awad at a pro-hamas rally and you can see the Hezballah flag…the same one that fly at Toronto rallies by pro-hamas muslims.
    But here is on the O’Reilly show with a Muhammad cartoon to denounce mohammad cartoons which got 150 people killed globally.
    Islamic org incite hatred towards the West to cause Jihad attacks and then they balme the West as Islamophobic racists.

    • Gary

      The CBC has NEVER call Sheema Khan back on a show to ask why she chose not to admit her Org was funding hamas terrorism and that she was close to Nihad Awad that supoorts Hezballah.

      Here’s the CTV interview with Nihad Awad where he ADMITS working with CAIR canada and is glad Arar’s Extortion for $400,000,000.00 for unproven torture was settled for $10.2 .

      The settlement was NOT for guilt as complicit…..Ara’s lawyer accepted the money just 1 day before the final report would come out that linked the Arar’s to al-qaeda groups and hamas. The CBC and STAR didn’t care about Arar’s gun permit and travels by car to the US pro-jihad mosques. Nor did the CBC listen to the settlement facts where Canada could have WON a real Court case to Arar on the witness stand to expose his LIES , but after the Sikh terrorism case in Canada that killed 260 canadians and went 18 years and cost $80 million……. Arar’s extortion had worked( CAIR provided the Lawyer and witnesses) because his Legal team knew that it would cost at least $20 million by dragging it out over 10 years and lose where it was cheaper to pay off this scam artist islamist with $10.2 million.

      he was NEVER kidnapped in the USA and sent to Jordan. He fled canada for Tunisia and live with pro-hamas relatives , the Police were moving in and took a flight to the USA where his past in the USA at that Boston Mosque set off read flags and was legally refused entry.
      Tunisia refused to let him back on a return flight for a refugee claim since he fled canada . It took about 15 days for the USA to find a nation to take him…..since his wife was tied to Palestinians it was JORDAN that took him in to meet his family to fly back to canada directly .
      They didn’t show up, but Arar’s on statements in 2002 to the CBC had said that he was tortured in JORDAN for 2 weeks before being returned to his homeland for a military trail as draft dodger.

  • deplorabledave

    I tuned in to watch a bit of the debate for comic relief and found out that little keith is a midget.

    • k1962

      A mental midget or the physical type?

  • Gary

    The Arar’s want more money.
    The 2003 lawsuit against Jordan and Syria was laughed out of court.
    When it failed the Arar’s came after us.
    Now they have a person tied to Torture but his Syrian and not canadian. Arar is syrian…..and Justin believes that a Syrian is a Syrian is a Syrian by their Citizenship.
    THEY held him in jail for a Military trial……HIS Government caused the harm and THEY owe him money…not canada.

    I don’t trust Ellison or 98% of the muslims.

  • k1962

    The increasingly more powerful Muslim lobby.