Guy actually doing something for the homeless on his own dime criticized by SJW “Homeless Advocates”

Homeless advocates ‘disgusted’ by Toronto clothing brand with ‘change please’ tagline

A new Toronto clothing brand is under fire, accused of making light of homelessness, but its owner says his products are actually meant to raise awareness of those suffering from poverty.

Nicholls said he plans to distribute some of the clothing he makes to people living on the street and also donate 40 per cent of proceeds from all sales to organizations that support Toronto’s homeless population.

I suspect “Homeless Advocate” means someone who professionally bitches about the homeless but doesn’t actually contribute anything of value while managing to divert tax dollars to sustain their useless advocacy.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile the Toronto media is reporting that many of the shelter beds are being occupied by refugees. Hey, free stuff here in Ontario!!

    • Oh fab!

    • Shebel

      The refugees and migrants will get homes to live in—-
      The Canadian Homeless—–will be treated like War Vets.

      • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

        The Salvation Army in Vancouver kicked nearly 100 people out of their shelter to make room for the Tamils who showed up on Vancouver island in a rusty boat a few years ago.

        Thankfully a few people organized and threatened to expose what they did by marching down to the CBC and CTV studios so the SA rented all the people rooms in a flurry of panic.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    There are millions of dollars a year to be made in Toronto’s homelessness, housing and tenant industry, all paid for with our tax dollars!

    If they actually solved the problems, then what would they do for a living?

    • It makes you wonder.

      • ontario john

        Some of the homeless are the mentally ill and used to be in mental hospitals. But the province didn’t want to pay for the hospitals anymore, so they closed them down, and now the cities have to pay to look after them.

        • AmicusC

          also the leftists whined that it was inhumane so on the street they went.

        • Shebel

          And made it Law that they can’t be forced to take their Meds.

          With out their MEDs – some of been know to kill people, on a bus . Behead them and eat their flesh.

          • ontario john

            My brother was in management at an Ontario mental hospital when they started closing them up. It was all a lie about trying to integrate them into the community. It was purely to save money, so they simply dumped thousands of them onto the streets. And the leftists that supported the move patted them selves on the back. And now because of social activist laws its almost impossible to force them into the few beds that are available. Strangely enough, it was the Church of Scientology that spent millions of dollars on campaigns to shut them down.

          • HalcyonDaze

            You’re preaching to the choir here.

            We knew that over a decade ago but the Provincial Gov’ts to muddy the water couched the closures in double talk about dignity and human rights. Oddly enough though, it was the funding cuts while in search of a balanced budget by the Federal Liberals that was the biggest catalyst to these closures.

            So, given the last election’s results, it’s apparent that the left is either to stupid to understand their own history or is just trying to protect their investment and iron rice bowls by continuing the human misery, pain and suffering that these people go through on a daily basis.

          • Shebel

            I keep blaming the shutting down of all these Mental Health units on Bob Rae—-
            Am I correct ?

          • Clausewitz

            Yes you are correct. In fact you are absa-fucking-lutely correct.

          • Shebel

            And now they are sent to Provincial Detention Centers which are essentially JAILS— for a short time.
            All this idiotic nonsense about the mistreatment of Prisoners–
            Is one sided—
            They are NOT equipped to deal with suicidal people that would rather kill you before offing themselves , as they toss shit in your face and jerk off on you as you walk by—

            That is the Federal Prisons job.

        • Starlord

          You also have to factor in the SJW’s before the term even existed pushed for the patients to be released as it was inhumane etc… they were better off inside where they took their meds.

      • Bataviawillem

        It does, in Germany, before the big influx, a million people where employed in the immigration industry, that’s a lot of people.

    • Yo Mama

      Almost all of the expensive occupied single family homes owned by the Toronto Community Housing Corporation go to Muslim families because of their large family size.

      Canadians get to live in shared houses or slum apartments.

    • Surele Surele

      it has been a profitable industry from the get go. never intended to really help, otherwise, as you so rightly pointed out, what would they do for a living?

  • Hard Little Machine

    “Feeling Bad About…..” is the extent to which these people are willing to act and the limit of their tolerance of others.

  • Shebel

    Most of Canada’s new jobs are CREATED by and for immigrants.
    It would be nice to see just how many jobs it creates when some asshole runs across a field or climbs thru a treacherous Ravine—– Into Canada.
    Think of the ‘finger less Somalian’.

    Anything and anyone that lives of other people’s hard earned taxes—is a “TAKER”–and a drain on Society.

    It would be nice to see an honest breakdown of the cost .

    • Starlord

      There was an article in the star I think about Pakistanis complaining that’s they had to pay rent and hydro in the community housing when they went back home for 3 to 4 months…. They had been living in community housing for 17years if I remember correctly.

      Taking about sucking us dry.

  • Dave Sanderson

    No good deed go unpunished by the left.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Same crap happens in Vancouver.

    This program by one of the local business’s got viciously attacked by the local poverty pimps for doing this.

    Union Gospel Mission which operates several programs and gets actual results
    gets attacked a lot because the city and provincial government started pulling funding from the useless programs and steered it towards UGM.

    The good news is the people who benefit from these programs are finally waking up
    and telling the poverty pimps to take a hike.

    They had to give up on protesting outside of businesses because they can’t find any locals to join in anymore.

  • DMB

    A homeless advocate is really a poverty pimp and there is a lot of them leaching off taxpayers in the name of fighting poverty. It is a multi billion dollar industry and it is not going away.

    • Clausewitz

      One word in Toronto. OCAP. Marxist bullshit disguised as a poverty organization that has never done one thing for the poor.