Extremist Muslims’ One-Way Street

“Extremist Muslims’ understanding of freedom is a one-way street: Freedoms, such as religious rights, are “good” and must be defended if they are intended for Muslims — often where Muslims are in minority. But they can simply be ignored if they are intended for non-Muslims — often in lands where Muslims make up the majority.”

I dispute that ‘extremist’ bit.

  • Watchman

    Muslims view other religions as scientists view astrology as a science.

  • simus1

    Most “modernizing” muslim societies closely resemble open air prisons in their overall function. With more formidable internal and external barriers for the protection of ignorance / “religion” / hypocrisy / tribalism / class.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Normative Islam is extreme. Anyone that says otherwise doesn’t know or doesn’t want to admit Mohammad was a criminal sociopath.