Are You Going To Cast A Spell On Trump?

Starting at midnight on Friday, witches around the country are calling for a mass spell to be cast on Donald Trump every night of a waning crescent moon until he’s driven from office.

  • Editor

    If this doesn’t tell you how disconnected from reality anti Trump people are and how strong Trump Derangement Syndrome can be, I don’t know what will. Witches! Goddam witches are going to cast a spell . . . These people have read WAY too many Harry Potter books.

    I’m not sure if he’ll be participating in the Great Trump Spell-o-rama but I found this “basic witch” on Youtube a while back and I’m shaking in my boots.

    The gritty, rough and tumble manly evil emanating from this guy is terrifying. If only they used their powers for good, they could do so much . . . nothing!

    • mobuyus

      I prefer a “sexy witch” not some schmuck.

    • Will Quest

      The womyn marches against -Trump , clutching their v-jays-jays , was made up of basically witches on a witch hunt …..

  • BillyHW

    Why doesn’t the Left believe in science, Blaze?

    • Editor

      These days, I would think it’s because it supports the idea that humans are a dimorphic species. With two, count’em two genders. No more. And there’s that human activity and climate change thing. Accepting science would pretty much screw up these two cherished narratives.

  • Micky C.

    I have this image in my mind of a King of the Hill episode where Bobby joined a coven of warlocks. A bunch of dorks in hoods and robes waving their hands about. Besides, I’m sure our prayer petitions at Mass for our leaders trumps anything they can muster.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I was taught how to lay a curse by a guy in the mill, way back…but I think that it’s still actually illegal….now where’s my pocketbook C.C.C.?

  • deplorabledave
  • Exile1981

    I’m planning to invoke the rule of 3.

    When you cast an evil spell may it come back at you 3 times over.

    • V10_Rob

      But does the mystical backlash occur only if the spell works, or does it happen regardless? Science demands an answer.

      And if the backlash occurs, a threefold consequence of driving Trump from office would be…? Driving every witch from American soil? Drive them from the face of the Earth? Or if it’s just driving Donald from power, will the backlash drive witches and all their associated leftards from any position of power as well? Could drain the swamp more thoroughly than we dared hope.

  • Solo712

    ‘Mass spell’, great idea! I hope it’s a mass fainting spell.

  • G

    Don’t worry about it. Dumbledor and professor Snape are Trump supporters so we’re safe