What America needs: Thousands of Jew-haters

One would think that before admitting tens, let alone hundreds, of thousands of Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Americans might look at what bringing in millions of Muslims has done for Europe. One would also assume that American Jews would want to know how this surge in MENA Muslims has affected Jews in European countries.

But one would be wrong.

Such an approach would be rational. But for most people, the rational has no chance against the emotional.


The same applies to our useful idiot virtue signalers in Canada.

Masjid Toronto will not be charged for “hate speech” for two reasons.

1) Our politicians are cowardly vote whores and will happily turn a blind eye to such depravity to appease the Islamists.

2) Our political and chattering classes refuse to acknowledge that Masjid Toronto is not some outlier and that they merely expressed commonly held beliefs within the Muslim community – anything to avoid being called a “racist”.