The day I was accused of being racist, I knew political correctness had gone mad, writes TREVOR PHILLIPS

A few weeks ago, I observed that Barack Obama’s iconic status as the first African-American U.S. President should not obscure his mixed political record.

For that, I was accused by one Radio 4 commentator of peddling a ‘racist narrative’.

As a black man and former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, you might think I would be surprised to face a charge of racism — but I was not.

  • Liberal Progressive

    White supremacist!

    • He’s a H8tr!

      • BillyHW

        You have to be taught to hate.

        • Watchman

          I disagree. Fear of the ‘other’ is natural; children have to be taught to accept people who look different and behave differently. Some cultures never teach this tolerance, but ours now seeks to make people prefer the ‘other’ to their own white skin colour and culture.

          • BillyHW

            I was making a joke.

          • Watchman

            Sorry. The leftist assertion is that ‘right wing conservative fascists’ are teaching children to hate people of another skin color, whereas left alone with the leftists children embrace ‘otherness’. Does not happen in nature.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    He might be innocent of the charge, but is he also saying that blacks can’t be racist?

    • Will Quest

      Blasphemy………… a black pragmatic, progressive male is never ever racist…. It’s not in his ‘Jeans’ …… that’s not how he’s hung ….. a former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission is beyond any reproach ….. CAPICHE ! The swagger is delicious ……

  • deplorabledave

    shoes on the other foot eh fella

    • Uncommunist

      Yeh, he’s full of it. Just fact check his article, in his mind all muslims are victims even in Myanmar – where they started a civil war with Buddhists by beating people and them a muslim mob murdered a monk on the street.

      • deplorabledave

        Ya that and the comment on India got my goat.

  • Uncommunist

    Did anyone else read the whole article this man wrote ? For example,
    ‘In Myanmar, thousands of Muslims have fled abroad to escape rape and murder at the hands of the country’s Buddhist majority.’ Really ?
    Secctarian violence, the worst seen in Asia’s fledgling democracy was sparked after an argument between a Muslim gold shop owner and his customers in the city of Meikhtila. The Muslim gold shop owner and a mob of other muslims beat a man and his wife … then there were fires … then a Buddhist monk was beaten to death by a muslim mob … more fires on both sides… Sounds to me from the outside that the Rohyinga muslims started a civil war and now are being vanquished – but this man, Trevor Phillips called them the victims. Bullshit. They started a war and are whining now, Crybullies.

  • simus1

    Ex – Emperor Barrington Husein is neither black by race nor Afro American by culture as the most rudimentary examination of his appearance, his “official” family tree, and his bios will attest. The closest you can get to his alleged blackness is white slave owner ancestors on one side and a black great or great-great grandmother among a plethora of arab slave traders on the other.

  • Gary

    Welcome to the club . I’m of native background and some smart ass black punk muslims from a jane & Finch hell-hole got hired by the Diversity quota and tried to get me fired and hauled to the HRC tribunal over a comment I made to someone about how Welfare rips the spirit out of people and traps them in poverty.
    This punk said that not all blacks are on welfare……I never said what group or colour because I saw the welfare crisis in Ontario in the late 1970’s as people poured in for Housing as the young women became unwed teens or adults wanting to be a ward of the State.
    I told this a-hole to go ahead and report me , a few days later someone told him that i wanted to get good laugh when when the HRC finds out my dad people are American Indians that crossed into Canada around 1795 and there is a family Cemetery to prove it with our family name that starts around 1805 .
    Muslims were causing trouble in the work place and filing HRC complaint.
    Imagine that, this black muslim kid with a mother from some crap hole welfare ghetto in the US comes to canada for better welfare in Jane & finch and her moron son with no dad cries racism at a native background Canadian. My dad and 3 of his brothers went to Montreal in 1942 to enlist in the war effort while this punks Muslims brothers were in a SS Division that the West wanted to keep off out soil.
    Now these fascists muslims are pouring in while Wynne and John Tory praise the Imam in Mosque as they spew jew-hating and call for jihad to claim Canada for islam once they slaughter us.
    I’d rather die that bow to islam and be forced out of canada after my dad’s people had to flee the US after the 1787 Independence where they wanted revenge on the natives that took sides for what group was best for them no matter if it was the french, British, North South , Spanish or local wars .
    I seen what islam does to the natives of nation it invades. many muslims nation were non-muslims until the savages came in as “refugees” wanting to live in Peace.