Sweden: Arab men live stream sexual assault on Facebook. Again

Live streamed footage of a young woman being sexually harassed in the Swedish capital of Stockholm has become part of an abhorrent ‘PR campaign’ that was launched on a closed Facebook group run by Tunisian men. The perpetrators appear to be showing the video in order to encourage other Tunisians living in Europe to pay a visit to the city.

Adam, a Tunisian man who saw parts of the attack taking place online, informed libertarian-conservative magazine Fria Tider on the existence of the Facebook group. The page has some 60,000 members and specifically aims at enlisting “Tunisians living in Europe,” according to a statement made by the website administrators.

  • jayme

    Migrants are even giving the tourism industry a boost!

    • huron

      Is tourism sweedish for deadly parasite?

  • Hey, does anyone remember when Trump said something about this and everyone laughed at him?

  • huron

    24 SUSS….aww now two black cars

  • Observer

    Is this what they meant by the Stockholm syndrome?

  • canminuteman

    A rational government would at the very least hunt every one of these people down and deport them. I would hunt them all down and kill them, but I am not enlightened.

    • Slickfoot

      I’m not very enlightened either… I’d help you.

  • Watchman

    Is this a, “They can’t arrest us all” ploy. If so, it might work as the Swedish police seemed determined to a “We won’t arrest any migrants and we won’t describe any lawbreakers” policy.

    • huron

      See above

  • huron

    i A

  • huron

    Evil evil people