Liberals pretend our laws don’t matter

The steady flow of illegal migrants continues across Canada’s southern border.

And the Trudeau government has no plan, no strategy, for dealing with the unprecedented surge in illegal migration.

Rather than addressing the problem — the serious threat of unscreened migrants risking their lives to arrive on our doorstep — Liberal politicians have been sending the wrong message.

  • Justin St.Denis

    In terms of “foreign affairs and relations”, accepting “refugees” coming across your border from a neighbouring state is not just a “humanitarian gesture”. It also says that the country receiving these “refugees” officially recognizes that neighbour state as a “refugee-producing country” – some kind of undemocratic tyranny which mistreats its own citizens. So this is what Justin Trudeau is essentially saying to POTUS Trump:

    “Canada officially acknowledges that it regards the USA as an undemocratic, tyrannical state which mistreats its own citizens to the point that the must flee into Canada’s embrace.”

    POTUS Trump and his team will be “looking into” NAFTA soon. They’ll be sitting down with Canadian counterparts to thrash all things NAFTA out. Methinks this implicit message the Shiny Pony administration is sending to the USA will definitely affect – and not in a good way – those negotiations. This is as plain and obvious as a slice of Wonderbread. Only a STUPID CANADIAN could think they can INSULT THE USA in this manner without any consequences,

    Trust me. I know my other country very, very well. THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES for disrespecting the USA in this manner. And they will be SEVERE but perhaps too subtle for Canucki sheeple to perceive until they begin to really, really fucking hurt. Trust me. Every Canadian will pay for the Trudeau Administrations insulting behaviour to the USA. Remember, POTUS Trump met with Shiny Pony for only 15 minutes. EVERY OTHER LEADER with whom President Trump met received MUCH MUCH MORE of the POTUS’ time and attention. Canadian malfeasance has been noticed……….

    • Uncommunist

      Trump’s body language said it all – who is this petulant poseur ? And then our returd gives the President a picture of his commie buffoon fidel friendly father … Trump knows it was an insult. Enter T-Rex; poor Canada.

  • LairdKintyre

    Once the incidents like the Syrian kids attacking school kids and more assaults like the one in Edmonton Mall start poring in Sir Justin will simply say to his detractors. “””Fuddleduddle. Don’t be an Islamophobe. For a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.””” And who made them Canadians, Dear Leader?

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops
  • Lo

    The Globalists Trudeau, Couillard & Coderre clearly invited this planned migratory invasion We now have an ”open border”. Soros NGOs and Jihadists will most likely go on ”helping” and even recruiting those who want to come to our sanctuary cities. It will not matter anymore if you are a refugee or an illegal ”migrant”. Free for all. Wait and see what happens during the summer. Guess who will sneak through the woods, certain that no questions will be asked when they get to our sanctuaries: all these illegal criminals that President Trump wants to deport, along with who knows what….

    See what is happening in Europe, and the terrible problems they have in the USA…. If anything happens to any of us, with any of these ”migrants”, MM. Trudeau, Couillard & Coderre should be considered their accomplices and be punished accordingly.
    I always thought that outlaws belong to jail. So do all these illegal migrants and those who violated the laws of our country to invite them.
    Because they are in positions of authority, MM. Trudeau, Couillard & Coderre ‘s sentences should be more severe.
    All this in the name of Diversity, and the Canadian population replacement. The Globalists REALLY belong to jail. They create chaos to establish their new world order.

    There are 2 petitions on the Rebel Website. Say “No” to “Sanctuary” Cities and No illegals

    • Tooth&Claw

      My faith in petitions is limited. Seems our government is willfully deaf, and blind.

      • Lo

        I agree ! Still, petitions have the advantage of letting us see that we are not alone. The marginal leftist groups in Canada are so well funded and organized, extremely noisy and manipulative. They have the mass media on their side. They seem to be everywhere, representing us. They don’t.

        Signing a petition is a drop in the ocean…but this is what the ocean is made of ! Signign somewhat soothes my painful feeling of powerlesness. Power starts with awareness and these petitions also help me be more aware….I hope that more and more will sign…

  • Liberal Progressive

    The only reason why they say all these undocumented people coming to our country are a risk is because they are a threat to the Progressive Conservatives getting back into power.

    They know they will all be voting Liberal in next years Ontario election and 2019’s federal election because my party wants them to eliminate the racist eurocentric bias of Canada.

    The Liberal Party has a majority and the law is what we say it is. With a majority government we can pass whatever laws we want!

    • Gary

      Toronto is about to become a Majority non-white/non-Canadian background City where the current Mayor and Council are boasting about the Diversity no matter how much it costs to have services in over 100 languages.
      My Toronto calendar for waste pick-up is in 5 languages where french is 4th . Mexicans seemed to have pushed out Arabic from the old calendars where it was 6th.

      I predict that most Corp Head Offices will move to satellite towns to hire English speaking people since Canada is still close to 12% visible Minorities and over 90% religious where atheists are about 2% and all others did list their views in the Census.
      Who would stay in Toronto as a national Company when you have to employ about 80%+ non-citizens and refugees that see Canada as evil and racist when some might have to answer the phone calls.
      The consumer base in Canada is about 90% legal residents and the French and English speaking people.

    • Reader

      Under elections laws those people won’t be eligible to become citizens by then, but the Liberals and some of the election officials they pick will likely let them vote illegally anyways.

      And they wonder why us “old-stock” Canadian Liberals have quit their slimy party.

      • Lo

        I agree.
        Here, Bill Clinton is openly encouraging non citizens to vote.
        Manipulating them apparently for their own good…but whose interests would this crime ultimately serve ?

    • Justin St.Denis

      How quickly you slid down that slippery slope to fascism. And all with absolutely no awareness of what you have become. I hope you enjoy the pain that awaits you and your ilk.

    • Lo

      Hope that you don’t, nor your family members or friends, become statistics disproving your dishonest theory !

  • Gary

    There’s a refugee Centre in High Park that works with US groups to get ” refugees ” across the border as “Tourists” to then make a refugee claim at their office to then rent Apartments from the Centre that has 5 houses in the area and pulls in about $15,000.00 a month.
    The NDP and CAW were tied to this human trafficking system where i uncovered evidence that showed how people some people paid to get into Mexico and then into Texas where they were processed to be shuttle up the east coast and into Canada .
    The refugee Centre was a a catholic based Charity that rescued Christians from South America and Central America. But now they are taking in Muslims and illegals from the USA that are “refugees” but make the claim once on our soil.
    When i called the RCMP they told that anyone can enter Canada and make an Inland refugee claim and any Office.
    This is why I saw cars with US plates that dropped off “refugees” , or that suddenly got Ontario plates to travel back to the USA undetected as an Ontario car and not the US car with US plates to show point of entry.
    The refugee welfare industrial complex keep growing and is supported by CUPE for the jobs while the Politicians need the votes
    in Toronto for Ontario and Canada where it has a big black of Seats for MP’s and MPP’s.

    Screw Canada and Canadians, the young men that died at Normandy did so treasonous weasel today can flood the nations with unskilled illegals and refugees while they vote them self a rasie and better Pensions .
    Next war, Justin and John Tory can send THEIR children to die for my freedoms.

  • Norm Wilson

    jusrin trudeau already submitted (converted) to islam and now he expects his loyal servants to submit ti islam