How a Moses cartoon killed a Turkish satirical magazine

“This is the second Charlie Hebdo affair!” So read one of the thousands of tweets that Turks posted in protest of a cartoon that appeared in the weekly satirical magazine Girgir on Feb 16. The cartoon made fun not of the Prophet Muhammad, but of another prophet: Moses. Since Moses is a sacred figure not just in Judaism and Christianity but also Islam, Turkey’s conservative Muslims reacted with a fury that quickly ended the life of the magazine.

  • Dana Garcia

    A “Charlie Hebdo affair” occurs when a magazine staff is mass murdered in their office by jihad thugs.

    • He was discussing the justification for such a massacre and in fact endorsing it.

  • Shebel

    Strange how Religious Appropriation works in Islam.
    I wonder when the Muslims will toss a tantrum the next time Jesus is insulted.
    It will be all the RAGE as they demonstrate their Solidarity.
    Probably pretty soon.

  • Do you know where this is going? Depictions of Jesus are going to be “offensive” to these savages.

    The mohammedan Issa is not Jesus in any useful sense. I’m an agnostic, but he is not Christianity’s Jesus. Very aggressively not.

    The Muslims’ big thing is tawheed – The Unity Of God, which they think Christianity violates with the Trinity. When you see some terrorist doing a selfie sticking up one finger, that’s what he’s referencing. Muslims accord dhimmi status to Jews, Christians and the now extinct Sabians, but they (in theory) accord only death to the polytheists.

    But they are lying sacks of feces with their bullshit about tawheed. Christians don’t like a Piss Christ kind of thing, but it’s not a matter of dominance or personal honour to Christians. We, (yes, “we”, for these purposes), know that God is not weak. Our social status is not affected by a vulgar, publicly funded “art” exhibit. We can tolerate. Muslims, on the other hand, pragmatically worship their vile prophet, and they also worship idols. Oh yes.

    (Realize how big a thing Mohammed’s smashing of the idols at the Kasba was. And so think about it like this: If I am willing to kill and die for something supernatural, then pragmatically I worship it. Those of us who are sane realize a picture, i.e. an idol, even if it’s annoying and upsetting, is just a picture. Muslims are frightened of images. Therefore they are the idol worshippers. )

    So, anyway, my prediction: next thing: Muslims claim Jesus belongs to them, and also Moses belongs to them. You will not be allowed to depict those characters if you’re P.C.

    TLDR version: Muslims are coming after the depictions of Christian and Jewish symbols next, claiming they own them.

    • Shebel

      It is good that we can foreshadow their agenda.
      It is amazing that it will work.
      It is scary that if out kids ever do get discouraged and get interested in Religion ,once again—– at some future date–
      The only Gov’t sanctioned Religion will be ISLAM.

  • marty_p

    Here’s a prime example of the difference between Jews and Mo’s.
    Look at how the Jewish sense of humour portrays Moses:

    If you prefer the Hebrew version: