Google to take on the ‘toxic’ trolls: ‘Perspective’ AI is being taught to hunt down hate speech and abuse online

Google’s new artificial intelligence (AI) tool is the latest weapon to join the fight against hate speech.

Called Perspective, the system uses machine learning to identify abusive and offensive comments online in order to elevate the pressure publishers face in tracking down internet trolls.

The technology was fed millions of hateful comments, which taught the AI to score other comments based on how similar they are to ones humans have deemed ‘toxic’.

  • huron

    equate (clean)words to bad words to political words to religeous word to randomwords

    • Clausewitz

      Anyone who use’s the phrase, “I think” will be branded a radical by both Google, and the Canadian Federal Government.

  • Watchman

    They need AI, the first attempt on a simple search on the words ‘like’ and ‘Trump’ also filtered out the people expressing a desire (the ‘like’) to harm Donald Trump or for someone else to do so, which is ‘free speech’ and would be permitted by Google. “I like Donald Trump” is racist, sexist, xenophobic and islamophobic and must be filtered from the internet.

  • huron

    Oooohhh no nazi nazi. not me

    • Watchman

      Ashkenazi Jews: you can’t mention them without the ‘Nazi’ bit.

  • richfisher

    LiveLeak can’t keep up. Code words will be instantly recognized by people well before AI catches on. I think the second level of code words will be all SJW words and then the fun will begin .
    Good times on the horizon. 🙂
    They’ll scrap the whole idea once “You aren’t smart enough to tell us what to do” is driven home, again.

  • WalterBannon

    the google nazis are offensive

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Why is this even necessary?
    I know, I know.
    Don’t really need an answer.

  • canminuteman

    I totally disagree with this, but I do want to say that most web site have totally unreadable comment threads. This site is good, as are SDA and Instapundit. but trying to read and add to a comment thread on youtube is pointless.

    A have a tiny bit of sympathy for some web sites that have stopped commenting, because unless they have a decent class of readership the comments are pointless.