Geert Wilders cancels all public events after ‘Muslim’ member of security detail leaked sensitive information

GEERT Wilders has cancelled all public campaign events after a secret service agent from his security team was suspended over allegedly leaking details to a criminal gang.

The leader of the Dutch Freedom Party is leading the polls ahead of next month’s election.

But Mr Wilders has announced he will not appear in public for the foreseeable future because of the investigation involving his agent.

Earlier this week the secret service said an agent of a Moroccan background had been suspended on suspicion of leaking details to a criminal organisation.

  • Gary

    This is why CAIR and Sheema Khan cried racism to get Muslims into all levels of the Police and military .
    Wynne , Tory and and others know that these islamists have their addresses and the schools their children go to.
    But hey….you let them in and supported the jew-hating imams and homophobes. They’ll kill you first , so it’s not ALL bad news for us taxpayers.

  • AmicusC

    must be one of those moderates.. wants the guy dead doesn’t want to get hands dirty.

  • Investigation by the secret service in relation to this islamist, whatever that means

  • k2

    One can hardly blame him (Wilders) for being cautious. I hope that this drives home to the Dutch the seriousness of the situation confronting them and the necessity of voting for Geert’s party, if they hope to hold on to their freedoms and society.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Why would Wilders allow an agent of Moroccan background on his security detail?

      • k2

        An oversight, perhaps? It was a huge error and he’s extremely fortunate that it wasn’t a fatal error.

      • Dana Garcia

        Did he get to choose? The government may have said this is your security team, period.

      • Brett_McS

        The report is misleading, or at least incomplete: The Moroccan was in the security detail assigned to Wilders by the police, not in Wilders’ own, personal security detail.

  • pdxnag

    Do they have affirmative action policies requiring that they hire a replacement Islamist?

    • Alain

      If anything like Canada, then yes.

  • Blind Druid

    Wilders is very astute. He will clean house just like Trump will. No more fifth columnist muzzie infiltrators to either organization. Go Geert Go.