Egyptian Christians abducted, burned alive by Muslims in Sinai

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:20 P.M.) – Two Egyptian Christians were attacked by unknown militants on Wednesday after they were abducted from their home in the Sinai Peninsula.

Sa’ad Hanna (Age 65) and his son Medhat (Age 45) were identified by Egyptian officials as the victims of this gruesome assault in the Sinai.

“The officials said Saad Hana, 65, was shot dead and his son Medhat, 45, was abducted and burned alive before their bodies were dumped on a roadside in el-Arish Wednesday,” Associated Pressed reported.

  • tom_billesley

    To be afraid of this happening is irrational.
    It’s definitive islamophobia and must be criminalized.

    • We must learn to be more tolerant of Islam’s penchant for murder.

  • Gary

    This will be Canada one day because the Christian in Lebanon fell for the sob stories by muslim refugees that they we fleeing oppression and wanted to live in peace with a little mosque and itty bitty prayer space in schools.
    Just like the muslims in Thorncliff Park that now have Mosque in the Valley Park PUBLIC school. All of the Popeye’s Chicken outlet in canada are Halal and I stopped going there.
    This is not Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, but once muslims get the numbers they must do jihad to claim Canada for islam and the caliphate according to Imam Steve Rockwell that said that on a Radio show.
    Imam Rockwell boasted that Canada will and islamic state one day because muslims will dominate by out-breeding all other groups to become the majority.

    Lebanon was a Christian nations as was Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and Syria.
    Hmmmmm, what do the current hell-holes have in common??

    That’s right … *****. But we can’t say it because that’s racist .

  • ontario john

    But please remember, our prime minister said that helping Christians first is disgusting. Perhaps the killers just have to apologize, and everything will be ok. That’s all you have to do in Canada, when a mosque calls for the death of Christians and Jews.

  • Barrington Minge

    Another example of this murderous “cult”

  • pdxnag

    Islam: The religion of teddy bears and rainbows, may all your dreams come true.